Past Episodes

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Other People... Remember Other People?

Our guest is all about the interactions between and impact of people on people. After nearly two years… we could all use a few tips.

Bad Choices and Stories... Steve & Felecia

With no guest (and a wildly inappropriate background) we share stories about stuff we’re all going through. I’m sure you’re tired of it too.

Crazy Sh!z! Football, Cars, and More!

Let’s talk about crazy Sh!z! The Jets… The pinto of electronic cars… Cars that drink/burn oil. Why not to buy cars at auction, and more.

Rules and the People that Break Them

Today’s episode is about driving rules that no one knows are rules, and people that don’t like to follow the rules in general. Join us.

Back to the Topic of Cars

We start with “Maintaining a Safe Driving Mindset.” From there we share funny stories, ask/answer questions… Let’s talk cars!

Road Trips, Rentals and more Ryan...

Steve and Felecia join us from sunny San Diego. We talk and laugh about their prep, their drive, good/bad Airbnb experiences, and more.

Avoid the No-Zone

When driving, the “no-zones” are the blind spots around large trucks. There’s another “no-zone.” It is when Ryan goes on a date…

So You Want to Change Careers...

A lot of us are rethinking what we do for a living. But what? In this episode we talk about the great (and not so great) things we do.

Down, but Not Out, Getting Back on Your Feet

We continue the theme… getting back on your feet. Joined by Rick Mitchell of Homeless I.D. Project and Daniel Hodges, author and advocate.

Help Wanted, Where are the Workers?

Guest Brent Downs of Saint Joseph the Worker transitions people from poverty to a paycheck by connecting them to quality, well-paying jobs.

Crazy Expensive Hobbies, Homes and Getaways

The Gang and guest Jeff Barker talk about the most luxurious equipment, homes, services, travel destinations and more. Live vicariously!

Driving, Fixing, Loving... Classic Cars

We’re chatting about classic cars (Steve’s favorite topic). We talk about the cars we first drove, first owned and what we loved about them.