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Excuse Me... How Much?

Prices are on the rise. In some cases they’re going up a LOT. What does that mean for the average Jane/Joe Schmoe? Let’s talk about it.

Ahhhh... Let's Restore!

In this episode we’re talking about putting things back. No matter what kind of mess you have… physical, emotional, or something else.

Gettin’ Hot in Here...

With the Valley of the Sun being one of the most popular places to move these days, let’s talk about heat! (and not just the weather).

Where's Our Stuff?!?

As it turns out, it takes a little while to reboot after shutting down for a full year. Join The Gang – let’s talk about that.

BUST that Bunker!

Join us – we’re getting out! 12 months… Whether it’s your home, lifestyle, wardrobe, WHATEVER! Let’s get out and get on with our lives.

We barely scratched the surface on our love/hate of technology so… Let’s continue the conversation. Apps, web, wearables, good, bad and ugly

Our Love/Hate Relationship with Technology

Let’s talk about the tech in our lives, business and more with business woman Erica Ellis. She pivoted into tech in her mid 40’s. Who does that?

What's that Smell?

Last week sounds. This week smells… What could possibly go wrong? You don’t want to smell these, and here’s what to do if and when you do.

What the... Was That?

Maybe it’s the first time you’ve driven the car in a while. Maybe it’s a new sound in your home. Maybe it’s you… Let’s talk about noises.

Healthy, happy, kids

So much has changed since we were raised (centuries ago), when we raised our kids and today. Let’s talk about healthy and happy kids!

Road Trip!

Ahhh road trips. Our favorite trips, nightmare trips, what we pack, how we pack, what we bring/do and everything in between. Join us.

Thrill Seeking

The topic, exhilaration. Whether streaking 250 miles across the desert in a quad, braving a zip line 90 feet above a cruise ship… Let’s talk.