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Don't Get Screwed: Anxiety, Automobiles and AZ Real Estate

How to control anxiety with a workout. Steve shares the best way to warranty your car, Cards vs Seahawks and everything in between. Listen. Laugh. Learn.

Titles Loans, Testing and Personal Thrills!

The things we do and feel great about as we celebrate winners in our community! Things that make the lives of others better.

Winterize your car in Arizona. What You Need to Know

Let’s talk. Let’s talk about anything other than that. What should we talk about?

There's Nothing Scary... About these Spooky Savings

Today’s tips are all, as a lifelong auto mechanic, very important to Steve, but what’s in it for us? Saving money of course! Join us.

Protection from Real Insurance is Worth more than 15 Minutes

Most insurance companies don’t want to tell you this… So well will 😁 🤑 .

Divorce and Things Your Dealer Doesn't Want You to Know

There are a lot of things that your Car Dealer would rather you not know. We also revisit the subject of separation during this strange days.

How to Separate When You're Stuck Together with guest Jeff Guarino

Our main topic today is separation during these strange days. Guest Jeff Guarino talks about how to do it. What’s right/fair and best for the children?

The New (or Used) Car Buying Experience with guest Jerry Brodeur

We cover a lot with guest Jerry Brodeur of Berkshire Hathaway Automotive. Get the upgrades you want for less, what to look, what to avoid. Join us.

Wah, Wah Warranties :( AND, Things to Knowabout AZ with guest Dee Baginski

What to know before saying “yes” to that extended warranty. Rare AZ facts. And guest Dee Baginski talks about battling the costs of treating Cancer.

Insurance... You Need It. But what?, how much? and why avoid cheap?

Read your policy? Of course not (it’s up there with service agreements), but there’s a lot you need to know before you make hasty decisions.

When Low Prices Cost You Big Money with guest Tony Picarello

We’re cleaning up after low-price providers. Abandoned repairs, sideways deals, “surprise” or hidden fees, and what you can do to avoid them.

Who You Callin' a Piggy? with guest Elizabeth Paulus, M.Ed., CAP

The gang joins special guest Liz Paulus, M.Ed., CAP of College Bound AZ to talk about saving dough. The silver lining about not going out…