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Do you know what you don’t know? Should you know? YES! What things? Well, tons of things that are worthwhile to know. Join us!

A Most Electrifying Episode

No, this show is not all about electricity. Well, some of it, but we’ve actually got a lot of other “charged” conversations (not punny? maybe).

Two topics on today’s show. Apps versus People? And, we talk about the absolute insanity of buying used cars these days (craziness!)

Don’t Just Survive... Shift & Thrive

Have you changed direction? In life, or maybe professionally? Many of us did over the last 12 or so months. Let’s talk about it!

Healing with Grief

Guest Stuart Preston lost his son Ian to suicide. As the son of a former DEA agent, you may be surprised on the approach he found to heal.

Excuse Me... How Much?

Prices are on the rise. In some cases they’re going up a LOT. What does that mean for the average Jane/Joe Schmoe? Let’s talk about it.

Ahhhh... Let's Restore!

In this episode we’re talking about putting things back. No matter what kind of mess you have… physical, emotional, or something else.

Gettin’ Hot in Here...

With the Valley of the Sun being one of the most popular places to move these days, let’s talk about heat! (and not just the weather).

Where's Our Stuff?!?

As it turns out, it takes a little while to reboot after shutting down for a full year. Join The Gang – let’s talk about that.

BUST that Bunker!

Join us – we’re getting out! 12 months… Whether it’s your home, lifestyle, wardrobe, WHATEVER! Let’s get out and get on with our lives.

We barely scratched the surface on our love/hate of technology so… Let’s continue the conversation. Apps, web, wearables, good, bad and ugly

Our Love/Hate Relationship with Technology

Let’s talk about the tech in our lives, business and more with business woman Erica Ellis. She pivoted into tech in her mid 40’s. Who does that?