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Protect, Revitalize and Simplify

In this episode we’re joined by Kris Zahn and Kimra Zadik. They’re the health and wellness pros behind

Look out 2021

Just the gang today. Just? They’re giddy and raw, talking about what we’re looking forward to most in 2021. There’s a lot to look forward to.

A Visit from a Real Life Santa

In this episode we talk to Santa (John) about the importance of adoption… The challenges, the rewards and everything in between.

Tequila and Auto Technicians; There's a right way to choose both

Guest Luann Lennox hosts tequila tasting events, in your home and online, and it’s not the kind of tequila you remember from college…

What the Jets and Covid have in Common

It seems like years ago now… Dr. Ron Genova joined us in late March to talk about what’s coming. Now we have more questions – a lot more.

So Much to Look Forward to

Some may be skeptical, but we think there’s so much to look forward to. Join us to share what’s coming our way… that’s good.

Don't Get Screwed: Anxiety, Automobiles and AZ Real Estate

How to control anxiety with a workout. Steve shares the best way to warranty your car, Cards vs Seahawks and everything in between. Listen. Laugh. Learn.

Titles Loans, Testing and Personal Thrills!

The things we do and feel great about as we celebrate winners in our community! Things that make the lives of others better.

Winterize your car in Arizona. What You Need to Know

Let’s talk. Let’s talk about anything other than that. What should we talk about?

There's Nothing Scary... About these Spooky Savings

Today’s tips are all, as a lifelong auto mechanic, very important to Steve, but what’s in it for us? Saving money of course! Join us.

Protection from Real Insurance is Worth more than 15 Minutes

Most insurance companies don’t want to tell you this… So well will 😁 🤑 .

Divorce and Things Your Dealer Doesn't Want You to Know

There are a lot of things that your Car Dealer would rather you not know. We also revisit the subject of separation during this strange days.