Don’t Get Screwed: Anxiety, Automobiles and AZ Real Estate


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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Don't Get Screwed: Anxiety, Automobiles and AZ Real Estate

It doesn’t matter what you believe, who you agree with or what you do. If you’re here… now, you’re stressed out. Working out may be the last thing on your list, but getting a little movement in every once in a while, even a very small amount, helps you deal with all that stress. Feel better! Guest Don Chenevert shares his story and his approach to helping us get on board and get results.

Of course we cover lot of other great topics from Steve sharing the best way to warranty your car to the Cardinals and everything in between. Listen in. Get in a few laughs. And, learn something new.

Episode Recap

Steve was so worked up this episode, he didn’t even talk about the Jets until over 15 minutes in. So, let’s dive right into what got Steve so hot about car insurance.

More warnings about car insurance — read your contract.

A few days ago, Steve had a customer come to Friendly Auto with a Ford Escape with a 100,000 mile warranty through extended warranty, but was denied a claim on a new transmission. Why was it denied? 62 miles. When submitting the claim for the new transmission, the warranty company asked for a fluid sample for chemical analysis—something Steve found outrageous. The chemical analysis found that the transmission was legitimately bad but the claim was denied anyway. On the first of the month, the customer noticed something wrong, and called a mechanic who guessed it might have been a bad guess, so the customer should try putting in fuel injector cleaner and a fresh tank of gas. She tried that, drove for a week, and it wasn’t better. She made another appointment.

Two weeks passed and nothing was resolved, so the mechanic said she needed to go to a different auto shop who could fix the transmission, so she drove to Friendly Auto. In all this time testing different solutions, she drove the car 62 miles — a very small amount in Arizona. The company then denied the cost of the new transmission because she drove around while knowingly having a transmission problem. Being honest about what she’d done to resolve the problem ended up being her downfall in getting her claim approved.

Steve’s advice? Make sure that if you’re getting a warrant, you read the full contract, not just the brochure. There are always limitations in the policies that they leave out of the brochure, so you need to read the exact contract.

How do you get a reputable warranty and how much does it cost? It’s challenging because companies go by a lot of different names for different policies, so talk to your mechanic for their recommendations. For an average car, that warranty is going to cost about $2500 by Steve’s estimates, but he still thinks it’s worthwhile if you get a good one.

Don at Better You Personal Training

2020 has brought immense stress to people around the world. And the dynamics of the pandemic forcing us to stay home has also caused health issues as folks aren’t getting the exercise and activity they’re used to. These things go hand in hand — mental health and physical health. That’s where Don at Better You Personal Training comes in.

Like many people are right now as their jobs are disrupted by COVID-19, Don recently made a career pivot. He was in the production field as a production manager for 25 years in the semiconductor industry, working with cell phones and computers. He worked 60-70 hours a week, but it eventually led to burnout and he decided he needed a life change. He was always stressed and he never saw his family. He had to change life for the better for his health. He did it, and now wants to help others who are in his position—stressed and unhealthy.

Don’s typical client is a stressed out business professional between 40 and 55 years old looking for work-life balance through weight loss and stress management. He says men generally avoid talking about mental health, but it is a big thing everyone is experiencing right now. People are spending more time watching Netflix than exercising and are gaining the “COVID-20” from all the snacking and stationary living. But it doesn’t take a major shift in order to turn things around—20-30 minutes of movement and exercise a day have been shown to have a profound impact on depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

Don’s personal training is a great option during the pandemic. He only does 1:1 personal training, so it’s not a gym with 50 people there. You’ll have your temperature checked before beginning a workout and everyone wears masks. Don creates a one hour workout plan structured to the client’s needs. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, he’ll mix cardio for fat burning and strength training for increased metabolism. To get serious results, you really need to combine both cardio and strength.

How do you stay motivated once you get started? Keep your workouts new and fresh, rather than doing the same thing over and over each day.

Do you have a local business you want featured on Friendly Auto? The gang would love to have you on the show, just give us a call.

The median nationwide home value has increased to a new record – how you can be a competitive buyer

The median nationwide home value has increased to 313,000, a new record and up 15.5% from last year. Home sales were up 4.3% in October and are up 27% year over year. As a result of the massive demand, Inventory is down 20% year over year. From Felecia’s experience, houses are lasting less than a week on the market in the valley. So what do you do if you really need housing right now, but are struggling to compete? Get a local realtor.

If you are a local realtor and you’ve been around, you know the players and can gain a reputation. With a positive reputation, you’ll be the first to know about new offerings and will be trusted to bring reputable buyers who are really prepared to buy. Those people are winning the bids— experienced agents who already have their finger on the pulse of the market.

The gang wishes everyone a safe Thanksgiving. Stay healthy and Drive Friendly!


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