Avoid the No-Zone: Dating Ryan and Driving Safely


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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Avoid the No-Zone: Dating Ryan and Driving Safely

When driving, the “no-zones” are the blind spots around a large truck or a bus. It’s best to avoid them. There’s another “no-zone.” It is when Ryan goes on a date… Let’s talk about both.

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00:44 – Ryan met a girl on which app?

01:10 – Steve explains the “no-no zone” and its rules of the road. Very important to know this when sharing the road with trucks!

02:24 – Steve answers the question… “which side do you pass a truck on?”

04:56 – Felecia asks “what about when you get cut off?” Steve gives his opinion.

06:05 – Felecia had her first accident at 16 years old by not following the “no-no zone” rules. What she says happened, and what bread they no longer eat because of the accident.

07:03 – Richard gives us information on the safe distance between vehicles. It’s a lot more than you might think.

10:03 – What does it mean to see jacked up cars on the side of the road with no tire? Hint… check your spare.

12:27 – Felecia talks about a couple of great local events… Join Laugh Local Live for a night of laughter at the Peacock Wine Bar in Gilbert on Tuesday, August 31 st at 7:00 pm. Visit https://www.laughlocal.live for more info and tickets. Join College Bound AZ, who help underprivileged children the opportunity to get a free education though scholarships, at their Chicago Fest West event. On March 19 th, at the Mesa Convention Center. Visit https://chicagofestwest.com for more info.

14:52 – Felecia, Steve and the Mets… So Sad.

16:10 – Go to http://drivefriendlysafely.com and take the Safe Driving Pledge! Enter to win a $25 gift certificate to a local coffee shop. We match your gift with a gift of $25 to MADD.

16:30 – Let’s talk about lights on our cars… Steve reminds us, “it’s just as important to be seen, as you being able to see.” What are some things to be aware of?

18:43 – Felecia brings up the topic of “deer whistles.” How do they work and why do people use them?

20:43 – Steve gives us traveling advice and must-haves for long distance driving.

23:55 – Felecia talks about her experience with her car stalling during the Monsoon season. Steve breaks down why this happens and cautions Arizonans on the affect that wet weather can have on cars.

25:01 – Felecia recounts everything that happened while Steve was on a road trip.

27:58 – Ryan tells everyone about his date. Where did they go? Will there be more dates?

30:45 – Felecia makes a controversial statement about men and women… “this is why men win.” Felecia elaborates on her comment, and advice for Ryan from the group about dating.

32:42 – What movie does the group compare to Ryan’s dating style?

35:54 – Richard and Kristin went on a fantastic trip. Where did they go? What did they do?

39:59 – We get a ballpark estimate from Richard, for a family who wants to get away for a week at a resort.

41:43 – Felecia announces this week’s winner for the Drive Friendly Pledge! Thank you for taking the pledge at http://drivefriendlysafely.com!

42:21 – Steve informs everyone about a new product, one that anyone can purchase online, the group consensus is… “It’s horrible.”

42:55 – Felecia shares her real estate success story from this past weekend. If you want a great realtor, give Felecia a call at 602-689-1805.

44:16 – If you want the best mortgage guy, “The Lord of the Loan,” call Ryan at 480-489-1805.

44:26 – Show recap and close – Drive Friendly and Arrive Safely Arizona!

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