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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
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Steve wants to talk about cars… Can you believe that? Okay Steve, let’s talk about cars. We start with this week’s Drive Friendly Arrive Safely topic – Maintaining a Safe Driving Mindset.” From there, Steve, Felecia and the rest of the Gang share funny stories (hail is Safford! tornadoes in Tucson!), ask and answer questions. Join us!

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0:00 – Steve starts the show in remembrance of 9/11, having lived in New York on that day.

4:07 – Steve transitions into intros.

5:10 – Steve and Felecia talk about maintaining your safety mindset while driving — how to stay awake, plan for rest stops, and stay comfortable during your road trips.

12:16 – How to adapt your driving to different weather and check your car after bad weather.

17:30 – Gabi wants to know why her car has been stuck in the shop for a week and Steve shares the trends he’s seeing in delays in auto-parts shipping and rising costs.

29:25 – Steve tells a story about people turning to Facebook to diagnose issues with their cars. You can go to Facebook to find reviews about local dealerships, but don’t let random people on Facebook guess what’s wrong with your car.

33:20 – Gabi asks about the difference between aftermarket parts and original parts.

40:05 – Felecia reminds everyone to sign the Drive Friendly, Drive Safely Pledge

41:36 – Kristin shares her family’s strategy of having a “designated watcher” when driving late at night to make sure the driver stays awake.

45:18 – The team revisits the AirBnB conversation from last week and AirBnBs who aren’t transparent about their weaknesses, like loud neighborhoods and other factors that impact your experiences.

49:00 – Show recap and closing — Drive Friendly Arizona!

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