Bad Choices and Stories… Steve & Felecia


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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Bad Choices and Stories... Steve & Felecia

Our guest, we lost her to technical issues. We’ll invite her back soon. Speaking of technical issues, Steve made a really, reaaaaally bad choice on the background image. Try not to laugh! Maybe just a giggle.

We didn’t plan for this, but… Meme contest, Go!!!

So, with no guest (and a wildly inappropriate background) we go with stories about the stuff we’re all going through. We’re tired of it! I’m sure you are too. When is it going to get better? We share our perspective. Thank you for joining us!

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0:00 – Steve and Felecia open the show celebrating Drive Friendly being on a new station, Money Radio (!

1:26 – In Steve’s words, the Jets didn’t win, the Titans lost. Arizona’s home team, the Cardinals are the only undefeated team in the NFL!

3:18 – Snowbirds are back in Arizona. This brings up the problem of rust on cars, and Steve talks about how to address it.

7:00 – Cars aren’t getting any easier to buy – new or used. If you are trying to sell a car, you can pretty much name your price. With so little supply, people are buying cars online without trying them.

9:40 – Ed White is a listener of Drive Friendly and the owner of a new By the Bucket franchise. They sell buckets of spaghetti and meatballs, and are opening around November 1st. Feed a family at a reasonable price!

14:27 – Steve highlights networking groups and the Mesa Chamber of Commerce specifically. There are benefits to looking to its members whenever you need a doctor, service, or other support. These are folks looking to grow their business and support their community.

15:38 – The Drive Friendly, Arrive Safely topic of the week is passenger safety. Distracted drivers come from inside the car – rowdy kids, cell phones, etc. Be sure to talk to your kids or passengers about behaving in the car so you can concentrate.

18:40 – Steve shares a customer story… They didn’t know how to check their oil. Felecia thinks it isn’t a very good story.

22:30 – When you are looking for car services, don’t shop by price. Instead, shop by quality, experience, and relationships with the mechanics. If you don’t know where to call a local mechanic, call Steve (480-830-9377), no matter where you live he probably knows someone.

29:03 – Winter is coming and in Arizona. If you’re driving to go skiing, make sure your car is winterized. Check your tires and make sure you have the right kind of windshield wiper fluid.

35:33 – Along with a car shortage, there is a tire shortage. More tires are being discontinued, which is challenging. If you can’t buy what you need (say two that match what you already have), you’ll have to replace all of them. You can’t have mismatched tire brands or types. If you are buying new tires, ask how many are in stock and if the dealer is going to continue getting shipments.

40:28 – There is a big housing crunch right now that Felecia predicts will persist for at least a year if not more. But, if you are thinking about selling your house in a year or two, you might want to think about adding value. Her advice – be careful to make sure you have a permit for any projects you do. When you sell your home, if you don’t have the permits, you’ll have to take it down or not get anything for it in the sale.

45:35 – Steve sends us off with excitement for the Jets game — this weekend in London. Drive Friendly and Arrive Safely!

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