The “Beer” Virus and it’s Impact on Trade, Travel and Real Estate with Guests Kristin & Richard Morris


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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
The “Beer” Virus and it’s Impact on Trade, Travel and Real Estate with Guests Kristin & Richard Morris

With Spring Break quickly approaching, I’m sure you’ve got plans, just like us, to get away.

Our guests, Kristin and Richard Morris from Cruise Planners, Arizona Cruise and Travel share what has and has not been going on as a result of recent events, how to protect yourself, and all the incredible opportunities now available.

Episode Recap


  • The beer virus scare will affect supply chains from China, especially in the automotive industry.
  • If you like going on a Cruise, keep an eye on the situation. There’s likely some good deals coming as a result of the virus.
  • The virus isn’t likely to affect the smokin’ Phoenix housing market.

The Big Headline Today: The Beer Virus

The show started with a discussion of the Dos Equis virus. Supply chains are affected, as well as possible delay or cancellation of the Olympics! If you go to the CDC website, you’ll see what to do. One big thing is, get your prescriptions filled for 90-180 days. Talk to your doc!

The Beer Virus and Supply Chains

More about the beer virus! The CDC website has a 5-step process, beginning with hand-washing. While you wash your hands, sing the Happy Birthday song twice through — that’s enough. They have a few other songs you can sing a few bars of to count your way through 20 seconds.

How is this affecting the automotive industry? Parts. Warehouses are starting to run out and deliveries are not happening. Friendly has a car at the shop right now for which they can’t get parts. They had to go to a dealer and pay a premium to get these. They’re seeing prices on other items start to creep up. Friendly’s doing their best to keep prices low. Steve is also seeing parts going at triple the price on Amazon and eBay, just like hand sanitizer.

This could make its way through the supply chain, all the way to the manufacturers. It could cause some unemployment over time.

Hopefully, flights to China will resume, and none of this will happen. If you need your car fixed, do it now, don’t wait, or you may end up paying way more than you should. Think of air conditioning kits. Coolant comes from China. The industry is still feeling the effects of the GM strike, so this isn’t going to go away quickly.

What about collision work? Are insurance companies going to cover the new, higher cost of parts? You may end up waiting for those repairs to get done.

The same thing goes for home repairs. Deal with it now while you can.

Cruise lines are offering patrons the opportunity to postpone their trips. But that means you might not get the same cruise you signed up for.

Taking a Cruise Vacation Right Now

Richard and Kristin Morris joined the crew (Matt Watson, Ryan Steckelberg) in this segment. Last weekend, 20,000 people went on a Cruise ship. They just went on with their lives, and we haven’t heard anything — they’re having a great time. In fact, Kristin and RIchard are going on their own cruise to Hawaii next week! The thing is, with this whole scare, the cruise companies are offering some spectacular deals, so now is the time to grab these up. If you like cruise vacations, book it now for next year. The beer virus is going to get contained, so prepare your fun now. Cruise Planners has a lot of clients still traveling right now. They’re doing the right things to protect themselves, and they’re going to be safe 99% of the time.

The cruise line industry is making sure the liners are following precautions, including barring travelers from certain countries. The situation is being monitored. Most cruise itineraries are not sailing right at this time — it’s not the season. It’ll start up soon, and then we’ll see what’s going to be happening in terms of destinations and port stops. If you have tickets now, hold onto them. If you bail too soon, you might miss out on some deals.

Confused? This is why you should use a travel agent like Cruise Planners Arizona! Travel insurance tends to have exceptions for epidemics, so it might not help. But Cruise Planners has insurance that covers that and even a bad hair day, covering up to 80% of the travel. It may sound harsh, but it’s a matter of premiums.

The Virus and the Housing Market

A couple of guys from Steve’s shop will be performing, singing. Visit to donate money. Or call Friendly Auto and ask for Pavarate! The mortgage industry has really been helped by the Tecate’ Virus, with another drop in rates. The rates are just over 3% and might even get lower. You’d be crazy not to refinance your home right now. If you’ve been in your home for at least seven months, do it. Call Ryan and do it.

Felecia’s wonderful, young clients — after seven offers — may have finally found a home. They worked so hard and finally got an accepted offer. It’s going through inspection, but they’re hopeful. That took two agents calling every other agent, begging, calling again, to find something. The inventory is just not there today! This market requires a seasoned pro Realtor to get things done.

People are not fixing up homes to sell them, either. Even then, the homes are going to sell. It’s gotten so tight here that builders are coming in to build rental home properties — strictly rental homes!

The bottom line from Felecia for buyers: what goes up, must come down, but…Phoenix is not like the rest of the United States. The market is hot here, despite the beer virus. In the next two years, smart money is on prices continuing to go up. If prices do drop, they’ll likely drop down to where they are today?

If you want to buy, hire a bulldog Realtor like Felecia!

Wrap Up

Until next week, Drive Friendly Arizona!


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