Classic Cars… Driving, Fixing, Loving


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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Classic Cars... Driving, Fixing, Loving

We’ll start with a quote…

“Never trust a mechanic who drives new cars. They’re either charging too much money for their work, or they can’t keep an old car running – maybe both.”

– Patricia Briggs

Today we’re chatting about cars – classic cars. Coincidentally cars is one of Steve’s favorite topics 😉 We talk about the cars we first drove, the first cars we owned and what we loved about them.

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5:48 – Steve gets the conversation started with how difficult it is (especially today) to get classic car parts. It’s easier than it was back in the day (pre-Internet), but still tough if you don’t know where to look. Steve shares a few great websites/places to check out and what to expect from these sources.

9:58 – Felecia asks about how old cars work with new gas, today’s gas.

11:34 – Steve goes way way back… If you have a Model-T (yep one of those) he’s got the source for parts.

13:58 – What do you consider classic? We talk about car clubs, where to find them, who you’ll find and what you might be able to get for your classic car. The Gang also talks about swap meets – another place to find parts. TIP: Check out

17:23 – What do you think about classic car bodies with an LS1 powertrain under the hood?

18:55 – The Gang answers the question “What was the first car you owned,” or as Steve put it, “…the first car you made out in?” Let’s see if anyone was driving what would become a classic.

21:52 – A quick break to argue with Steve about the Dodge/Plymouth Duster… Don’t even joke with Steve about it.

24:00 – Richard reminisces about how crazy he thought his parents were for paying $40K for a Lexus in the early 90s… $40K seems like nothing today.

26:25 – Steve talks about making out in the back… Felecia wants nothing to do with that story.

27:48 – Steve pivots the conversation to getting classic cars repaired. From his perspective they’re so much simpler, but most mechanics these days (young bucks) don’t want to touch them.

29:30 – Ryan’s buddy from Temecula is waiting in the car with food… let’s talk quickly about mortgages. Rates are headed up soon – listen to find out why. Yeah, not about classic cars, unless you do a cash out refi to buy a classic car.

34:00 – Felecia quizzes Steve on a few less known classic cars and what made them different than other cars at the time. Listen in, test your knowledge.

36:30 – Steve interrupts with a fun fact… The Chrysler Turbine Car.

39:26 – We tap our resident insurance expert, Richard, for more info on classic car insurance.

42:35 – Let’s have a quick sidebar about the recent Consumer Price Index and how used cars had a huge impact on the 10% jump.

44:12 – Kristin talks about all of the car shows / events (in Arizona and nationally) coming back post-Covid.

45:38 – Steve buttons up this episode… Drive Friendly Arizona!

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