Cost Complaints with Ways to Save!


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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Cost Complaints with Ways to Save!

Join The Gang as we complain about rising costs (I mean really… they’re out of control). But, its not just bit***** about stuff. We share ways you, us, and everyone can SAVE. Yes, it’s still possible.

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5:20, 7:50 – Kristin talks about Disney trips (World and Land).

6:20 – Steve and Felecia share their frustrations with air travel (sorry, ways to save here).

15:40 – Gabi shares how/why online workouts will be sticking around as well as brand new sound meditations (yes, also online – grab your headphones!)

23:20 – There’s dissent among The Gang about working out with beautiful people… Ryan is IN and Steve wants to be his wingman.

26:02 – Steve and Gabi talk about discounts for used cars… Spoiler, there are none.

27:30 – Ryan shares some big savings for someone he’s finishing up a refi for.

30:20 – Steve talks about how to make your car run pretty much forever, but only if you treat her right.

34:52 – Richard talks about how replacement costs are affecting your home insurance. Learn how to get more insurance for less money.

39:18 – Steve asks Richard about who’s paying if his neighbor’s tree (it’s a rental – completely out of control) drops into his yard and breaks stuff.

44:30 – Felecia and Steve talk about living through a hurricane – heartbreaking.

45:45 – Show recap and closing – Drive Friendly Arizona!

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