Crazy Sh!z! Football, Cars, and More!


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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Crazy Sh!z! Football, Cars, and More!

Today we’re talking about sh!z that’s crazy. We chat about the Jets… oh geez Jets… The Pinto of electronic cars (don’t charge it too much or not enough – it might blow up)… Cars that burn oil, aka pretty much all of them… Why to not buy your next car at auction, spoiler, they might be junk… Real estate in Arizona (always nuts)… International travel, the Canadians are coming! Like we said, crazy sh!z. Join us!

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0:00 – Steve kicks off the show, once again, being disappointed with the Jets. And even worse — Sam Darnold is performing well with his new team. If only they had a solid front line…

3:23 – Steve and Felecia talk about how car manufacturing is changing due to the lack of chips in order to keep assembly lines running. It speeds up manufacturing, but with functionality that is missing or just doesn’t work.

5:03 – Spurred by a story of exploding Chevy Bolts, Steve discusses cars that burn oil and require refills way more frequently than others.

13:40 – Steve and Felecia’s son Daniel and his girlfriend are traveling their way across the United States for as little money as possible. Follow their journey at

16:10 – Courage Under Cancer is having an auction – listen to get the details on the cause and event. More info at

16:55 – Steve discusses a challenging customer case he dealt with that shows the risks of buying a car at auction that leads to missing information on the car’s history.

22:15 – The story of flood cars during Hurricane Ida. If you claim your car is flooded, your insurance company doesn’t even bother to check if you’re correct. Then, those flood cars travel across the country and are sold to folks who don’t realize the car was flooded. But, there are ways you can tell…

30:08 – Steve continues his advice on safe driving with instructions on defensive driving.

34:11 – Felecia shares a startling realization in home building and buying – projections are slowing down because of supply chain issues and fears that interest rates are likely going up.

42:00 – Our guest hosts share what’s going on in their businesses, including changing travel regulations.

43:23 – We start with football, we close with football. Steve discusses the games he’s most excited to watch this weekend. Drive Friendly, Arrive Safely!

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