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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
All of This… From a Different Perspective

Today’s show is all about getting & staying positive!

Yes, there is a mountain of pain and uncertainty out there, but we’d rather focus on the things that make us smile; laugh; “well-up” with happiness or pride; and most important, give us hope.

No guest on the show, but plenty of great (positive) stories.

Episode Recap


  • Shop at your local ma-and-pa stores, and support your community.
  • Keep sharing the positive news!
  • Support the Small Businesses that have been supporting the community for so long.

Shop Local and Support Your Community

Today’s episode was all the old regular team, including Matt Watson, Ryan Steckelberg and PK Jordan.

It’s getting hard to stay positive today with the news being so depressing. So, this episode is all about staying positive. And that affects small businesses. There are a lot of mom-and-pop companies that are really struggling. These companies feel the pain a lot deeper than the big companies. So, we encourage you all to shop local. Try the ACE Hardware store. Get your pizza from a local joint. It makes a big difference. Remember your servers, too. A lot of people live on tips, so do your best to help them out.

Matt did a great thing, a community pizza party. Find a local pizza place and buy a bunch of food, bring it back to the community, and allow people to get a slice. It really brings people together.

Some New Yorker friends of Steve and Felecia did a virtual Havana Night party on Zoom. They all dressed up, ate Cuban food, and had a virtual party. It really lifted their spirits. We need to be creative.

Ryan walks to work, so he stops to grab coffee at a local coffee shop on the way to work. On the way home, he supports the local restaurants on the way home.

Chuck’s Butcher Block in Mesa offers fresh foods, so Steve’ll stop by there rather than go to a big grocery chain.

The point is, we have tons of local options for just about all your needs. So, please, folks, support your local businesses! And support each other!

We Have Some Positive Stories to Share

While talking about being positive, we had some positive stories to tell. First, Felecia loves working out and has always gone to a local personal trainer, Gabi Mazar. Gabi recently bought Pilates Tempe. Now, with the pandemic, Gabi can’t take clients at her shop, and she’s moved it all online! Now, Felecia can try so many classes, picking and choosing from the whole online curriculum. Working out really helps get out that energy that builds up while working from home. That is super important, that physical activity. It’s also a great way to join the community.

It feels great to support these businesses. Their clients aren’t just clients, they’re raving fans. They need Gabi and other businesses to stay open. That’s why we all need to support them.

Matt has been eating so much junk food, supporting local businesses. He has to wear yoga pants now! With his three young kids, his wife has become a homeschool teacher, which can be trying on the nerves. Matt’s also getting some of his honey-dos done, with some “creative” help from the kids.

Felecia read a blog about electronics that pointed out that all we really need is a good internet connection. You can do so many projects by ordering supplies online, like gardening, workshop projects, and even hobbies like photography, art, and more. It’s a great time to embrace other activities.

Ryan is a bit lonely, being a single guy. It’s important to know what the single extroverts are going through out there. He’s been keeping busy doing online meetings with his team, staying connected. He’s been doing bike rides — socially distanced rides — with his extended family. He’s seeing more people out doing outdoor activities.

Good News and Fun Stories Amid the COVID Noise

Well, we lost PK. She’s out on the trails and can’t connect. Poor her! People are doing creative things, like having “drive by” birthday parties, balcony music, even neighbors in high-rises toasting each other across the alley. It’s nice to see people acknowledging each other, even if they can’t interact. One lady put her dog on a long leash and allowed people to pet him.

And just as people are going back to the basics like gardening, they are also going back to bartering. People have offered to make masks in exchange for some auto work. Some people are great cooks and are offering that for trade in services.

Matt brought up the graduating seniors who aren’t able to have the ceremonies or the parties. He mentioned that some people are starting to post their old senior headshots, and there have been some crazy shots.

Ryan has been doing regular college reunions on Zoom, where they all share inappropriate photos! It’s a great way to reconnect with old friends.
There’s also some positive TV shows out there. John Kazinksy (The Office) has a YouTube channel that’s all about good news. Felecia could not stop smiling and laughing from this stuff. From heartfelt good news to jokes, there’s lots of good news to share.
Felecia loves ballet, and now all the out-of-work ballerinas are doing free classes and performances on Instagram. Museums are doing the same thing, sharing photos of exhibits and artwork. Have you seen the people on Instagram mimicking portrait art? It’s great!

With sports on hold, Matt put a wrestling mat on the floor in his basement and had some sports fun with the kids. This quarantine is a huge opportunity to bring the family together. The silver lining of all this is how close Matt’s family has gotten, playing games, playing together.

Felecia pointed out that Brady moving to Tampa? Who cares!

Ryan is a sports bar guy. So, what’s he doing? He’s been doing puzzles and other things. It’s’ been nice to find new ways to stay entertained, but he sure can’t wait for sports to start up again.

We’re All Sticking Together: Small Businesses to the Rescue

Remember, Friendly Auto is doing pickup and delivery service. They come get your car, service it, and bring it back, all while disinfecting it. They’ll keep you healthy and your car up and running smoothly. Be sure to take advantage of their oil change deal.
Matt is working with the Salvation Army’s food bank. Food banks are really struggling with the growing demand. Please help them. You can donate food and money. The Salvation Army does so much for our community, so please help them out.

Matt also shared what’s going on in the insurance industry. Matt’s agency is all about the community and helping people. State Farm is giving back $2 billion to policy owners, which is 20% of your premium for a couple of months. They also give money back to front-line workers battling COVID. They’ve also given out meals to people who need it. They’re also matching all the funds that Matt has been raising for community efforts. It’s a philosophy of giving back to the community.

These tough times really show everybody who you are. Felecia is so appreciative of State Farm. But there are companies who are abandoning their clients, like Zilllow, RedFin, OfferPad, OpenDoor. Yuck! You know who’s out there fighting for clients? Professional, boots on the ground Realtor like Felecia.

What’s the news on housing? VIP Mortgage had their best ever month last month! They’ve seen rates like 4.25% down to 3.25 to 3.5% due to special arrangements they’ve been able to make. They keep consumers in mind to make sure they get into the best situations and not into bad ones.

Friendly is also able to do financing. They have seven different financing companies. So, if your car needs fixing, all you need is a checking account, and they can help you. A couple of them don’t even run our credit, so it won’t hurt your credit.

Remember, when you shop local, your money stays here. Those business owners are the people you saw at your little league games and your schools. Shop local!

Wrap Up

Until next week, Drive Friendly and Stay Healthy Arizona!

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