Down, but Not Out, Getting Back on Your Feet


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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Down, but Not Out, Getting Back on Your Feet

Last week we talked about how to find a career (not just a job) when you’re suffering poverty or homelessness. This week we continue the discussion with guests Rick Mitchell from the Homeless I.D. Project and Daniel Hodges, author From Felonies to Freedom. It’s a fantastic show – you’ll be smarter for listening.

On a lighter note… Ryan had a date. OMG you’ll love what Steve has to say about that.

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00:26 – Find out how happy Felecia is and about what…

01:34 – Felecia introduces our guests. We’re joined by Daniel Hodges, author From Felonies to Freedom, and Rick Mitchell from the Homeless I.D. Project. They both help get people back on their feet and running.

02:22 – Learn more about our new Drive Friendly, Arrive Safely campaign. What’s the point? Make things better on the road and for our communities as a whole by doing the right thing when driving. Learn more and take the pledge at Oh, and there are weekly giveaways with matching donations, by us, to MADD.

06:54 – Ryan, formerly known as the “Lord of the Loan” is apparently now the “Lord of the Ladies.” He went on a date (finally, gees). Let’s find out how it went, Steve has a few pointers. He was an expert… back in the 70s.

09:10 – Felecia goes into more detail about today’s topic, helping people get back into society after some kind of hardship (specifically incarceration or homelessness).

10:13 – We start with Rick Mitchell. He gives us a quick overview of what the Homeless I.D. Project is all about. Basically, if you don’t have an I.D. you can’t get anywhere or do anything.

12:10 – Find out how those in need connect with Rick’s organization. Locations include the Human Services Campus in Downtown Phoenix.

14:03 – Concerning statistics about homeless children and kids that have aged out of the foster care system…

14:48 – How we (and you) can help.

17:14 – Gabi points out a common misconception about those that are homeless.

18:08 – Rick goes into a little detail about when and how children are sometimes released from the foster care system. AZ Department of Child Safety does a great job, but they’re overworked.

18:48 – New legislation that will allow kids in foster care to get their documents and ID early.

19:38 – Where can the homeless with families go for help?

21:05 – We pivot to our second guest Daniel Hodges, author From Felonies to Freedom and staff at

22:25 – Daniel shares a few details about the history that led him to where he is and what he believe today.

25:25 – The challenges those that have been incarcerated face when attempting to change, improve and reenter society.

26:38 – Kristin asks “How do you help… overcome the stigma?” Daniel explains their approach at 180 Degrees Ministries

30:00 – How can employers help? What questions should they be asking? Daniel admits that there is a risk, but there’s also a lot of potential.

31:52 – Richard asks “What’s the difference between sobriety and freedom?” As Daniel explains, there is a big difference.

33:01 – What was writing this book like for you?

34:00 – The difference between the city dog and the country dog…

36:10 – How to contact Daniel if you have questions or need help.

38:16 – Closing thoughts from Rick on solving the homeless problem… It is a cost to our communities and very easy to help fund (dollar for dollar tax credit).

40:18 – Ryan shares a client win. He and his team were able to qualify and close a mortgage for a couple whose husband was recently released from a 10 year incarceration.

42:00 – A quick update on the Arizona real estate market. Things are still crazy, but they’re getting better.

42:55 – Felecia shares a few stats on the sanity that’s creeping back on available homes.

45:05 – Steve… Good luck getting a new or used car. Fix what you’ve got. “It’s cheaper to keep her.”

46:33 – Show recap and close – Drive Friendly and Arrive Safely Arizona!


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