“Empowering” Your 2020 Memorial Day with guest Jack Duchene


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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
"Empowering" Your 2020 Memorial Day with guest Jack Duchene

Before we get into the details… let’s remember what this holiday is all about – honoring the men and women who have given their lives defending our freedom as part of the U.S. Military. Thank you.

This week we send you off to whatever destination you have planned with a little of everything.

Special guest Jack Duchene shares a bit about his new baby, the Phoenix Metro Chamber of Commerce (https://www.phoenixmetrochamber.com/). Why he chose to team up with Jason Bressler and what’s planned for this “empowering” community. He also shares a bit about his other passion Next Evolution Center (http://www.nextevolutioncenters.com/).

Steve of Friendly Auto Centers will get you prepared and keep you safe if your adventure includes a car. Then, Felecia and Ryan talk about where we are today and the interesting places we might be headed in the worlds of Real Estate and Mortgages. Change is coming.

Episode Recap


  • Ways to stay safe this Memorial Day weekend
  • The Phoenix Metro Chamber is here to help you grow your business
  • Get your car ready for safe travels
  • The Phoenix housing market: slowing but still strong

Stay Safe on the Roads this Memorial Day

Jack Duchene joins the crew to discuss the Phoenix Metro Chamber of Commerce. Business owners can make some great connections at the Phoenix Metro chamber. More from him below. This week, we talked about Memorial Day and staying safe while everything in Arizona seems to be opening up. So, how do you keep your car safe and ready for travel? Keep the gas tank full. If you’re traveling around the state, there may not be a lot of gas stations, so be ready with a full tank. There will also be a lot of trucks, RVs, and boats on trailers. Be careful when passing those. It’s a long weekend, take it easy, relax, and enjoy.

Of course, we all need to look out for the motorcycles. Don’t tailgate them, and be careful when changing lanes. Same for bicyclists — keep an eye out. Just take your time and enjoy the ride.

Don’t drink and drive this holiday weekend! Keep everybody safe this weekend out there on the road, not to mention that it’s about $20,000 per DUI. Don’t do it. It can change your whole life for the worse.

If you’re tired, let somebody else drive. Falling asleep at the wheel is a recipe for disaster. Pull over, take a nap. A short, 20-minute power nap will do wonders. Memorial Day is the top weekend for accidents. Let’s all stay safe.

Prepare your car. Fill up your tires — and your spare! — with air. You can even overfill the spare a little, knowing that it’ll lose air over time. Check your tires for wear and tear. You also need to check the date on the tire. Yes, they have dates. You’ll see the last four digits on the tire number, something like 5018. That means the 50th week of 2018. Don’t put old tires on the road. Also, put some reflective triangles in your trunk, too — flairs are too dangerous with the fire hazard in Arizona. If you have to pull over, you can put a couple behind you and a couple in front. Stay safe!

Jack Duchene of the Phoenix Metro Chamber of Commerce

Jack from the Phoenix Metro Chamber joined us. Why did he purchase the Chamber? He met with the former owners of the Chamber while doing a seminar (as part of his business, Next Evolution). They struck up a conversation, and the result was that Jack bought the Chamber. He decided to make it more about networking than politics, and it has really empowered its members. There’s also a foundation involved, so it carries the giving back component.

It’s important to change the focus away from politics if you want to get people together. When you focus on politics, you end up splitting the conversations. They feel it’s best to avoid that, be neutral, examine all info, and create great events to help members grow their businesses.

During the restrictions of the crisis, they’ve been doing a lot of virtual meetings. Even during that time, they were getting about three new members every week. Now, they’ll start up the live meetings again on June 3rd, with proper social distancing of course. It is a challenge since chambers are all about getting people together. Even with restrictions getting lifted, they’ll keep Thursday Zoom meetings going and allow people to join as a virtual member for only $120 per year.

The focus is truly to help businesses in the Phoenix Metro area. In order to help them grow, the Chamber helps members put together the right marketing plan. In this Chamber, the members take ownership of the Chamber. All Jack does is manage it. It’s the members who set the direction.

All Phoenix businesses are a great fit for the Chamber. There are different packages for different sized businesses, from the startup landscaper to SRP (who is a member, by the way). Jack and his team will help you figure out which package is for you and your business, to help you get dialed into the Phoenix market and grow your business.

You can join the Chamber by visiting the website, emailing Jack, or giving them a call. All that info is above.

Jack is also the owner of Next Evolution, a seminar company that offers awareness, coaching, and other training for groups, executives and owners. The training is really life-transforming, so check it out. Next Evolution’s website and number are also above.

DIY Car Inspection for the Long Weekend Travel

Arizona gas prices have hit a new low, which is unusual for Memorial Day when we normally see higher prices.

What else should you check in your car for the weekend? Check the fluids like oil and wiper fluid. You also need fluids for your body! Carry water in the trunk just in case. It’s also good to replace the coolant in your radiator if a leak should happen. You also want to make sure you have enough food in your cooler for the trip back. Long traffic delays happen. Be ready. It can be as simple as a power bar. Great for keeping the kids quiet, too. Also, have a blanket, a flashlight, and a backup battery or charger for your cell phone.

Wear proper shoes when you drive — no flip flops! Flip flops can get caught under the brake pedal and potentially cause an accident. Don’t do it. Anything that slows your response, don’t do it.

First ten people to stop by Friendly get free wipers and fluid!

Check out the Midwest Food Bank. Friendly participated in a food drive. This group distributes a massive amount of food, and they need donations and volunteers. They are straight-up good guys. Give them a call and help them out. This is important, especially during the crisis. Take them peanut butter, tuna, pasta, Velveeta — things with a long shelf life that are also filled with protein. Check your pantry at home. Whatever you eat, they need that, too.

Current Housing Market in Phoenix

A listener emailed a cool fact. The reason Mayberry (Andy Griffith) was so pleasant is that nobody was married! The only married man was Otis, and he was always drunk!
Okay, time to talk about housing. The average list price is only up 0.4% from last year. We were expecting a 5% increase. The average sales price is still up, even though they’re rising more slowly. And in May, there’s a forecast for a decrease in price.

Ryan is seeing properties starting to drop prices, especially ones that have been sitting for a while. Homes that are priced right are still selling fast. Sellers have gotten a reality check and are pricing their properties appropriately.

There has also been a decrease in foreclosures. Before the crisis, foreclosures were already at an all-time low. Arizona still has one of the hottest markets in the country, but we are still seeing numbers start to decline with the Sellers holding on to a seller’s market. The numbers we’re seeing today, though, are pre-COVID numbers. When we see May and June’s numbers, we’ll have a better picture.

Ryan points out that the Phoenix market is unique and tends to do well. With companies allowing their employees to work from home, many will leave the high-cost-of-living California for Phoenix. When employees can live anywhere, Phoenix has a lot to offer.
There are no plans at this time to raise interest rates. Doing a refinance is still a great option. HELOCs are not really an option anymore, so go for that refinance.
If you’re in the Phoenix area, it’s still a good time to sell your home, so contact Felecia today. There are a lot of IFs in the market, but for now things are still rolling.

Wrap Up

Until next week, Drive Friendly and Stay Healthy Arizona!


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