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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Crazy Expensive Hobbies, Homes and Getaways

Lifestyles of the rich and famous… Well, you don’t have to be rich or famous to enjoy some of today’s “expensive” topics. Guest, Jeff Barker shares a bit about his high-price hobby (off-road racing), and The Gang each talk about the most luxurious equipment, homes, services, travel destinations and more. Live vicariously – join us!

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3:05 – Felecia introduces our guest, Jeff Barker from BOSCH, who loves to go fast and get dirty (long-distance off-road racing). You won’t believe what he spends on his ATV.

6:34 – Felecia jumps in to ask “is this all men?” Nope – It is definitely mostly men, but Jeff was once absolutely smoked off the line by a 16 year old girl. Go girl!

10:00 – We pivot to Gabi. She shares the most expensive workout gear (luxury home gyms going for $70-300K).

10:38 – How much did Shaquille O’Neil, Kate Moss and Tiger Woods pay for their home gyms?

10:58 – $15,000 dumbells… $5,000 Technogym… Oh my!

14:01 – What does the World’s most expensive personal trainer cost? Over $23,000 per week… I’m sorry, but what would we get for that?

16:20 – Ryan gives us another update on the mortgage market (things change quickly people).

19:45 – “What’s the largest loan you’ve worked on?” (we are after all talking about expensive things).

21:35 – Steve talks about his in-depth knowledge of prison yards…

23:33 – Felecia asks Jeff an important about relieving yourself during a race.

25:39 – Do you need a driver’s license to compete in NASCAR or other racing events?

27:09 – If you’re interested in off-road racing, Jeff shares some good information on how to get started.

28:17 – Steve’s version of racing… Felecia ruins things for him.

29:26 – Kristin talks about the most expensive vacations money can buy. How does a 143 day world cruise sound to you?

32:27 – The most expensive trip in the world that lasts less than a day… Is it worth it?

35:26 – How about a trip to watch a Grand Prix race in Monaco? It’s very affordable. Only $21K a person.

36:36 – Felecia shares some of the most expensive homes in the United States and in Arizona (available now if you’re interested).

46:03 – Felecia closes out her “real estate porn” tour with an overpriced fixer upper in Scottsdale. It’s a dump for over over a half of million.

47:13 – Show recap and a preview of next week’s show – Drive Friendly Arizona!


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