Wah, Wah Warranties, AND Things to Know About AZ with guest Dee Baginski


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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Wah, Wah Warranties, AND Things to Know About AZ with guest Dee Baginski

To warranty or not to warranty. That is one (not all) of the questions we ask today. Whether ’tis a good idea – yes, but what “deets” should ye seek. Enough with the silliness.

In addition to Steve’s infinite auto knowledge, Felecia sheds some light on stuff that most Arizonans (especially transplants) don’t know about Arizona. That plus Ryan Steckelberg’s “lock of the week.”

We’re also joined by special guest Dee Baginski, President and Founder of the Courage Under Cancer Foundation. She shares her personal battles with Cancer as well as the unbelievable cost of treatment. Her foundation believes that people shouldn’t have to go without cancer treatment because they can’t afford it. It’s her passion.

Episode Recap

While the Jets likely won’t be extending Adam Gase’s contract based on their performance so far this year, you can and should extend your car warranty — if you take the right steps to do it properly.

The Rozanskys are joined by special guest Dee Baginski to discuss her nonprofit Courage Under Cancer. We also discuss the merits of buying a used car (over a brand new pickup truck) and learn some fun facts about Arizona for all the transplants who may not know much about their adopted state!

Friendly Takeaways

  • It’s ok to consider an extended warranty on your car, but not until the included warranty is running out. And if you do get an extended warranty, read the contract.
  • Support cancer patients with Courage Under Cancer
  • The monthly price difference between a used car and a new car could allow you to max out your IRA every year
  • The official necktie of Arizona is the bolo tie

Extended Warranties

Dealerships often convince buyers into getting extended warranties when they first buy a car. However, this is the wrong approach. Why shouldn’t you buy the extended warranty with your new car, and what should you do instead?

  • The car salesperson often says that if you buy the warranty, they’ll be able to offer a lower interest rate. However, this is meant mainly as a negotiation tactic, and if you push on it, you’ll get access to the interest rate without the warranty.
  • Most cars come with a warranty already — usually a minimum of 3 years or 36,000 miles. So, if you buy a five year extended warranty, you’ll only actually gain two years beyond the warranty that comes with the car. Instead, buy the extended warranty when the original warranty is close to expiring.
  • The extended warranties claim to cover everything, but this is often not the case. The specifics in the contract are much more narrow, but only for used parts, for labor at below market rates, or at dealerships that are inaccessible or not qualified to work with a particular brand of car. Ask to read the contract before buying the warranty, instead of relying on just the brochure.

Dee Baginski – Courage Under Cancer

Many nonprofits that focus on cancer donate their money for research. However, another major need is for cancer patients and the expenses they incur in managing their treatment. So, Dee Baginski and her husband started Courage Under Cancer to address this gap.

Baginski is currently going through cancer treatment for the third time and has been lucky enough to have insurance that has covered her expenses, but she knows the challenges many patients face.

Baginski shared research from the University of Richmond: 25% of people diagnosed with cancer can’t afford treatment, 20% of patients can’t afford prescriptions. So, Baginski’s organization would help patients with these costs, or with other costs that they may struggle with while paying for medical expenses.

To raise money for Courage Under Cancer, Baginski and her team are organizing a Bachelor Mystery Auction event.

Pickup Trucks & Used Car

Ever wanted a brand new pickup truck? Maybe you’ll want to reconsider if you’re hoping to retire comfortably.

  • A monthly payment for a new pickup truck can run up to $1300 per month — more than many people’s monthly mortgage payments.
  • For Steve, his transition from New York to Arizona also led to a transition from a minivan to a pickup truck. But, he bought the truck used, making it a much more cost-effective investment.
  • Felecia shared a dramatic statistic that makes the new versus used car debate hit home — with the monthly payments saved by going with a used car rather than a new one, an individual could max out their IRA each year.
  • The safest place to buy a used car is from a local dealer rather than a major auction.
  • When you buy a used car, read the carfax front to back to understand how many owners and auctions it has been through. Aim for one to two previous owners and few locations. Then, have your own mechanic look over the car for any red flags.

Get to Know Arizona

When they moved to Arizona, Steve and Felicia didn’t know too much about where their new home. With lots of new residents in Arizona, they shared some fun facts you might like to know:

  • There are nine billionaires in Phoenix area and Paradise Valley is richest place to live in Arizona
  • The official necktie of Arizona? The bolo tie.
  • East Valley started as a cooperative partnership between the towns to organize a destination marketing campaign and drive tourism and homeownership in the area.
  • The state bird is the cactus wren
  • A more logistical fact — make sure you Understand your expenses and changes in utilities when coming to Arizona! When moving from a single floor house in NYC to a two floor house in Arizona, Steve and Felicia’s bills changed dramatically.

Until next time, Drive Friendly and Stay Safe Arizona!


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