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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
A Feeling of Safety Where You Live, Work and Play

Join us as we welcome guest Sabrina Osso. Sabrina’s business “Osso Safe…” combines education and technology, to promote safety and prevent violence in the workplace, schools, and in places of residence. It’s a fascinating “holistic” solution. What do you think?

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0:00 – Drive Friendly is back and like always, we start with sports. Mike White was apparently a one-hit wonder on the field, and even the ex-Jets are bad with Sam Darnold out and Cam Newton in.

3:20 – Steve starts a talk about transmissions, one of the most neglected parts of your vehicle. There are two categories of transmissions – manual and automatic. They last between 100,000 and 120,000 miles.

7:29 – It’s critical to change your transmission fluid, at different rates depending on the type of transmission you have.

12:07 – With the chip shortage, manufacturers are leaving features out of cars. Most recently, seat warmers.

13:35 – Sabrina from Osso Safe (https://www.ossosafe.com) joins the show. Osso Safe is based on a one-woman show that Sabrina wrote, choreographed, and performed about domestic violence and empowering women who face it. Now, Osso Safe provides products and services to prevent domestic violence.

16:36 – The core product is the Home Sweet Home product sold to landlords and tenants, where they can get their property “Osso Safe Certified.” There is also an app that identifies violence. Landlords get alerts when there is violence in their units.

28:40 – Children are the most innocent victims of abuse, and this system helps keep parents accountable. Sabrina has a project, Osso Safe Kids, where she creates videos that speak to kids who have faced abuse to help them cope and better understand.

33:12 – Next steps for Osso Safe is to get into more properties and to expand partnerships with insurance companies to offer discounts for those whose properties are Osso Safe certified.

35:20 – Steve looks at the NFL odds to give his best football bet. His recommendation is to bet on the Lions to cover against the Browns. Steve and Felecia are divided against their views on Baker Mayfield, but he’ll miss this week’s game.

37:00 – Steve shares two great tips to help you save/make money. Gas is very expensive right now and many people buy premium, but Steve promises it is fine to use regular gas instead of premium. And, if you see a tanker at the gas station refilling the pump, don’t stop – go to the next station. Second, if you want to sell your car, get it detailed to add value to the car before you sell it.

41:22 – Felecia shares more info on Zillow. The big failure was trusting their Zestimates and using them to decide how much to spend to buy a house, but since their numbers were so far off, they failed dramatically. OpenDoor is much better and more realtor friendly. You still need a realtor, but Felecia recommends OpenDoor over Zillow. And, realtors don’t get paid until they sell your house so they have incentive to do a good job.

44:00 – Steve talks about multi-level marketing in Arizona and how not enough of them actually let you test their products. He predicts sales will go up dramatically if customers can try it first.

45:36 – Till next week!


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