Help Wanted, Where are the Workers?


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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Help Wanted, Where are the Workers?

If you’re a small business owner like we are, you’re probably looking for employees… Where did they go? Well, our guest today, Brent Downs, Executive Director of Saint Joseph the Worker, helps transition people from poverty by giving them a paycheck. No, they don’t give money to the homeless. They connect the homeless with quality, well-paying jobs.

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1:15 – Felecia and Steve introduce today’s topic… finding people to work (what Investor’s Business Daily calls “The Big Quit” and people finding new careers.

3:25 – Steve shares his personal challenges hiring new staff at Friendly Auto Centers. Competition for salary and benefits is fierce.

4:30 – Steve goes off on a few car topics including troubles with the Chevy Volt, lack of used car selection, and what to do with your used car today. It’s crazy.

9:55 – Your car may be worth much more than you think. Before you trade it in or sell it privately, check with your mechanic (or bring it to Steve).

12:30 – Steve goes off (again) about changing your oil. Not when the light comes on. Not when the manual tells you. Save a ton of money in the long run – change your oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles.

13:48 – Felecia introduces today’s guest. Brent Downs, Executive Director of Saint Joseph the Worker. His organization, and personal passion, is helping others become self-sufficient through quality employment.

14:15 – Brent introduces us to the history and purpose of SJW.

16:12 – Find out how the homeless get connected with SJW.

18:30 – How do larger businesses (like Amazon) compare/compete with small businesses (like those of The Gang)?

20:53 – Steve shares his personal work history – how having a job (what became a career) gave him a sense of purpose and camaraderie.

25:10 – Richard asks “What does it cost for employers to work with you?”

26:15 – The difference between a job and a career and why it matters.

28:28 – One of the most challenging things for Brent and SJW is getting their clients a place to live while working at their new job… Steve has an idea.

30:00 – Ryan, Felecia and the whole gang talk about housing. Rates are great, but houses are scarce. Things continue to get worse and in some cases nasty. I’m sure you’re tired of it – we are too.

32:35 – Those living on leased land (you own your home, but not the land the home is on – like a mobile home) are losing their land, losing their community.

37:11 – We get back to Brent – talk about their I Care Card. It has every piece of information a homeless person may need in order to get help.

38:35 – Richard asks about how SJW may work in his industry (Insurance) where employees need to be licensed.

39:30 – Brent talks about all of the extra stuff (stuff you wouldn’t think about) that his organization can provide. Things like gas cards, bus passes, temporary housing, getting them online and more.

41:08 – How Saint Joseph the Worker partners with the local community.

42:20 – What about the youth? SJW helps with that too! Prep, interview training, hiring events (much different than a job fair) and a one-of-a-kind app.

45:02 – Show recap and close – Drive Friendly and Arrive Safely Arizona!


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