the Internet… Stay Safe, Avoid Scams and More


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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
the Internet... Stay Safe, Avoid Scams and More

This episode is all about the internet. Avoiding scams. Keeping our kids safe. And, how to sniff out the bad players ruining everything.

Our guest, Katey McPherson, is a child advocate and educator. She and Pk go in-depth on the internet and our children. Specifically, how we can keep them away from the things and people that can make the Internet a very dangerous place. Watch to get a special offer – 20% off the service.

Steve talks about the scam that everyone is getting calls about these days… “your car’s warranty has expired…” (get any robo calls lately)?

Felecia and Ryan cover, you guessed it, the internet and real estate (gotta love those push button solutions). Richard, Kristen and Gabi complete the conversation with stories of predators have gone after their industry, what to look out for, and more.

It’s all about experiences… Some good. Some not so good. Join us!


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