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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Listen, Build Connections, Smash Stigmas!

Regardless of what has brought you here, Marilyn Shannon embodies a unique combination of experiences and insights to offer help and guidance in a variety of ways.

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0:00 – We’ve survived Thanksgiving!
Steve, Felecia, and special guest Marilyn will talk about how to handle the next holidays around the corner.

1:17 – Steve and Baker Mayfield
Steve is wearing a Baker Mayfield shirt, even though the Jets won! But the Jets winning means they won’t get the top draft pick.

2:42 – In non-football sports news
The Warriors are playing the Suns! The Suns are one of the best teams in the NBA, and are a great fill in for football fans while the Cardinals are on the bye.

3:12 – By the Bucket is finally opening!
Great news — All they serve is spaghetti, meatballs, garlic bread, marinara sauce, and cheesecake — affordable food quick.

4:50 – Fixing cars instead of buying a new one
Lots of people are fixing cars now as there are no new cars to buy, or the ones there are to buy are very expensive.

6:40 – Are car dealerships going away?
Steve predicts that soon some companies will get rid of the dealerships for the point of sale, and instead will transition many sales services online.

9:36 – The difference between rebuilt and remanufactured
Some people who need car repairs will try to do it on their own. When you buy something remanufactured, they want you to bring the old version back. What’s the difference between rebuilt or remanufactured? Rebuilt means they open it up and fix everything, while remanufactured means everything inside is replaced with something new. Rebuilt is cheaper than remanufactured.

13:48 – Welcome guest Marilyn Shannon, author and entrepreneur
Felecia interviews Marilyn Shannon, an author and entrepreneur with a lot of insights into how people behave. Her first series interviewed people from many different backgrounds who need a voice.

16:44 – Marilyn’s insights into men…
They don’t feel confident enough in themselves sometimes to express themselves. They sometimes struggle to connect with people and worry about being taken advantage of.

22:07 – Helping individuals in the opioid crisis
Marilyn is very involved in helping individuals in the opioid crisis. How can we help? Lots of people are prescribed these drugs during injuries, and some people are inclined to being addicted. Anybody could be impacted.

25:52 – Seeing a change (for the worse) with family
If you’re getting together with family and you see that there is something going on when you see them, what do you do? Marilyn’s advice is to talk to someone and engage.

29:24 – Steve is obsessed with Parking Wars
Steve is obsessed with a new show — Parking Wars (new to him anyways). He turned it on by accident, but the show makes him feel better from the stress of his job.

30:57 – How to survive your family during the holidays
Marilyn shares advice for surviving your family during the holiday season. Her tip – don’t put people in a box, keep an open mind to how people might behave, they could surprise you.

37:00 – Don’t buy Car Shield!
Steve talks about Car Shield. One of Steve’s customers didn’t change his oil change receipts, but the engine went bad. When he called on the warranty, they insisted they needed oil change receipts, and so they denied the claim because they can’t tell he changed the oil.

41:20 – Good car warranty companies
Who are the good warranty companies? CNA, Route 66, Assure Guard, Fidelity (if you buy the higher end plans), TOCO — all good warranties according to Steve.

43:17 – Buying from a private party? Get a Carfax
If you’re buying a car from a private party, make sure to run a Carfax. This is especially true with all the snowbirds in Arizona who drive from different regions and weather climates.

46:12 – Happy Holidays!!!
The gang wishes you a great holiday season.


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