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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
A Livable Healthy Lifestyle with guest Gabrielle Mazar

Is it possible to drink beer, eat sausages and still have a healthy lifestyle/be fit? Steve​ would say “absolutely!” Guest (and close friend) Gabrielle Mazar​ is a Personal Trainer, Fascial Stretch Therapist, and Pilates teacher. Gabi is Owner of Healthy Body Works​—if there’s anyone that can help, she can. She’s tells us a little about her new location inside Pilates Tempe​ along with details on her upcoming “fitcations.”

Episode Recap

We had another great show this week, with fitness expert Gabriel Mazar joining our crew.  Here is a summary of our fun:


Steve returns from the ASTE show in North Carolina, where he was able to get the latest in automotive training. There were amazing instructors but not so many former New Yorkers. . He learned all about the ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance System – and how steering columns in those cars have their own transmissions. They steer without the steering wheel moving. Weird! For a split second, you don’t have control of your vehicle. Is this Skynet?

Last week, we talked about the radar that goes all around the car, by ZF Corporation. Felicia would love to see that work in New York, by the way!. ZF says to never change the transmission fluid in their transmissions. Steve used to recommend changing it, but after the show he learned differently. They can go 253,000 miles! And these aren’t just for high-end cars — they’re in all kinds of cars, from Dodge to Rolls-Royce. Three and a half million cars have these.

Steve also caught this amazing technology that helps keep maximum friction between the tire and the road. There was an amazing demonstration – a 100 mph slalom, with the tire pattern staying steady.

There was also new diagnostic scope testing, OBD updates. Diagnostics at your local parts stores are going to change!  it will become more important to ask your auto shop about their training. Where are they going for training?


Our first guest was Gabi Mazar, owner of Healthy Body Works in Tempe. She offers pilates, stretch therapy, and personal fitness training, using many different modalities. Felicia has been working with Gabi for over a year. While Felicia admits she isn’t that easy to get along with, it’s not that way with Gabi. What makes Gabi different? She says, “I live in reality…It’s okay to treat yourself every now and then. Cutting everything out all the time isn’t really realistic.” She teaches her clients how to balance exercise and healthy eating. She helps clients with meal planning — even goes shopping with them. They work on portion control, eating at home, and avoiding the restaurants. Eating at home is actually better for you, faster, more efficient, and even cheaper.

A listener asked, “What about the keto diet?” Gabi said it was developed to help people with epilepsy. But now, dieters tend to diet to the extreme. Can Keto help? Yes. Is it the answer for everybody? No. To be in ketosis all the time is not the best. We should be eating about 200 carbs a day. We live off our carbs. The problem is too many carbs. Felicia loves Gabi’s philosophy.

What does Gabi you say to somebody who’s never worked out? Gabi meets them where they are at the moment. She works hard to make people feel comfortable where they are, where they are standing. It doesn’t benefit anybody to put them in pain and make them throw up. She wants people to WANT to succeed, but you they have to set realistic expectations. Visit Gabi’s gym on the northeast corner of Warner and Kyrene.


People always ask Steve why Friendly Auto Center doesn’t have multiple locations. Felicia said because they would be divorced, but the answer is, “Because we want to guarantee the best experience, which is going to be done if the owner is at the shop.” Will he be expanding and adding even more bays? Yes. That’s a different question. One day, they may be up to 25 bays. And Steve will continue to go to training for mechanics work, not just management skills. He works side by side with his guys. He overseas everything. Sure, he’s a control freak, but he enjoys what he does, ensuring that you get really great service with the best automotive products.

That passion goes a long way. Gabi displays that passion herself, and the conversation with her continues. Gabi never mails it in with her clients. But how does she keep people motivated? By making the workouts fun. She changes things up to keep people interested. Doing the same thing can be boring. She also builds relationships, friendships, with her clients. They are like family to her and it shows. They invite her to weddings, parties, and other events.

Steve and Felecia recently attended Gabi’s Fitcation in Costa Rica. It was beyond beautiful. What is a Fitcation? Gabi combined two of her passions, travel to beautiful lands, and fitness. People tend to bring their workout clothes on their vacation, but they never do the workout. With a Fitcation, her clients add that element to their amazing vacation. She made all the fun activities to include fitness elements, like hiking, stretch, yoga, and other classes in between. Of course, there was some drinking, and some great food. They had a private bartender! This is reality, just the way Gabi approaches her work with her clients. Learn more about her upcoming Fitcation fitness vacations.


So, home refinances are booming with rates so low. Today’s declining market will surely help that. The General Motors strike is affecting distribution centers and Delco parts. GM dealers are having a hard time getting genuine parts. Dealers are scrambling to find parts from other dealers.

Steve mentioned that he saw Factory Motor Parts at the show and pointed out they have a good showing across the Southeast. Chris pointed out that they’re all the way to Boston, but that almost started a fight over the Patriots, so they moved on.

Finally, we hear from our single and available mortgage expert, Ryan, who said that if you have 4.5% or higher mortgage rate, call in to start refinancing. Or if you have a ton of equity, refinancing can still work. He specializes in purchases, though, so contact him about financing your new home. Felecia points out that he focuses on the people and what they need.

Felecia didn’t get much time to talk real estate, but pointed out how important it is to have your realtor with you at the closing. Customer service has gotten lost in that whole process. When you have a bulldog lawyer like Felicia there at the signing, the whole thing goes better for you. She loves her clients and always says being informed is the most important thing, so work with a proven real estate agent.

In closing: support local businesses. Look for the locally owned business, like Gabi, and Friendly Auto Centers, and Felicia, and the other dudes. See you all next week and drive friendly!

Shoutouts to our listeners: Kristen Morris, Lisa Taylor, Jerry Brodeur, Jeff Reidel, Kim Moore, Keith Wheeler, Paul Sacco,and Mark Strelka.


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