“The more that you read… the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss


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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
"The more that you read... the more places you'll go." - Dr. Seuss

Join us with guest Mary K. Savarese. Got fantasy, Got adventure, Got romance? Mary is an award-winning author and speaker whose titles are inspired by true events.

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0:00 – Jets and Giants are both losers
Joe Flacco came in for QB at the Jets, but the change didn’t matter – they still lost. And every week, the stands are filled with supporters of the opponent.

5:45 – What is one of the hottest things being stolen?
Waste cooking oil. Because the price of oil is so high, the value has increased and so folks are stealing cooking oil.

7:33 – How to save on gas.
Felecia wonders why people are so concerned when gas is one of the few things where the price is similar as it was 8 years ago. Milk, food, consumer goods all go up and up, but gas has been in a similar range.

11:40 – By the Bucket update
By the Bucket’s equipment is still stuck on a shipping barge, but Steve promises to do a live show from the restaurant once it opens.

14:01 – Welcome Guest Mary K. Savarese
Felecia speaks with Mary K. Savarese, an author. Mary’s breakthrough book was Tigers Love Bubbles & Obsession Perfume (who knew!) — a mystery romance with a spiritual twist. But even when you breakthrough and find a publisher, there is still a lot of self-marketing for the majority of authors.

19:33 – Quirky titles
Quirky titles are Mary K.’s specialty, and she takes a unique approach to writing by coming up with titles first and writing the manuscript second.

23:51 – Mary on Tiger King
Mary K. says either you love Tiger King or hate Tiger King. But Mary is happy that this inspired legislation to prevent people from having tigers as pets.

26:12 – Advice on how to write a book
Looking for advice on how to write a book – your book or story has to be in your soul, and never give up on yourself. Even through rejection, Mary K. never gave up and persevered.

29:49 – Gifts for your avid driver
What gifts can you buy for your driver? Garmin Speak, an Alexa-enabled dash cam that can give directions through the speakers is one option. Or try an automotive related subscription box, car-themed dog leashes, car brand sweatshirts or other clothing, custom floor mats, and more.

36:23 – What wax to use on your car
What kind of wax do you need? Protective waxes or cleaner waxes. Cleaner wax takes out the haze, while protective wax helps in the sun. Spray wax is the easiest to apply.

41:30 – What we’re thankful for
It’s Thanksgiving season, the gang shares about what they are grateful for.

46:26 – Next week, Christmas movies!
Tune in next week when the gang talks Christmas movies!


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