Other People… Remember Other People?


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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Other People... Remember Other People?

Our guest, Brandon Lawson (https://connectandimpact.net), is all about the interactions between and impact of people on people. And, after nearly two years of being squirreled away, we could all use a few tips. Join us!

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The gang kicks off the show re-introducing themselves to the listeners of Money Radio.

2:49 – How about the Jets. Another loss… This time, in London.

4:50 – Steve talks about ways to save money on your car in the long run by getting regular oil changes (not cheap oil changes!), including details on what kind of oil you actually need for your car.

10:20 – Steve shares a story of a customer who only changed his oil once a year to save money. The result? He needed a new engine. He might have saved $600 on oil, but the new engine set him back $8,000.

13:13 – Don’t buy top of the line oil if you’re not going to buy the best oil filter too. If you skimp on either or both, you’ll pay for it, sooner or later, in expensive repairs.

14:55 – Felecia introduces Brandon Lawson, a life coach, to talk about how to get past the stress of COVID and get back to the way we were — how do we move on, how do we remake friends, how do we get past politics?

17:30 – Brandon speaks about his series on the THOUGH framework he presented earlier this year on how to connect and build a bridge past the gaps we experience between people.

23:15 – Brandon shares concrete tips with bridging the gap with the example of transient people moving into Phoenix who don’t know anyone.

26:05 – Steve shares that when they first moved to Arizona neighbors baked and got to know each other, but now a few years later, they don’t know their neighbors at all as the community has changed.

30:00 – This week’s segment of Drive Friendly, Arrive Safely is about texting and driving (http://http://drivefriendlysafely.com). It’s a short story – don’t do it. It’s dangerous and in most states (like in Arizona) it’s illegal.

33:32 – This week’s housing information is about how jumbo loans have changed. You can now get a conventional loan as long as it’s under 637,000 dollars. This is good if you’re someone who can really afford everything that comes with a jumbo house payment. It’s bad because not everyone can… This could be a “canary in the coal mine.”

36:25 – Felecia circles back to Brandon on the role of social media in impacting our relationships.

39:00 – Before COVID, people didn’t have as much family time with all their extracurricular activities. But when those activities were shut down, you were almost forced to spend more time with family, and many found they appreciated that time.

42:20 – Bill revisits THOUGH – truthful, hope, open, understanding, gentle, humble.

46:45 – The Gang signs off. Drive Friendly, Arrive Safely


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