Road Trips, Rentals and more of Ryan’s Relationships


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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Road Trips, Rentals and more of Ryan's Relationships

Steve and Felecia join us live from sunny San Diego. They’re settling in after a long drive from Phoenix. They rode in a hot little Mercedes… yeah it’s a hot car, but it is not so hot on the tush. We talk about their prep, places to go/people to see along the way, good and bad Airbnb experiences, and more. You won’t believe what Steve carries around with him on these trips…

Make sure to hang in for the third segment when we get another update on Ryan’s dating life.

There are a lot of great conversations this week. Stick around!

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1:13 – Steve and Felecia tell about their planned vacation to drive a convertible through San Diego, but six hours in a convertible with unpadded seats…Let’s just say they’ll be test-driving cars for the “butt factor test” before their next road trip.

5:50 – An important recommendation — no matter how many times you’ve driven a route, a GPS will save you against traffic, construction, and other warnings. Steve recommends Waze.

13:30 – The Gang debates whether the driver or an animal is at fault when a car and a deer collide.

16:42 – Steve discusses his varied experiences with AirBnB — times when the place lived exactly up to expectations and other times…not so much.

20:40 – Felecia shares the items in the “travel box” that she and Steve travel with when they go to AirBnBs – the stuff you always forget at the last minute.

29:00 – The Gang discusses Ryan’s dating life and what he’s looking for in a woman in case any listeners fit his type.

35:35 – Gabi discusses extra value added service — what makes her pilates stand out compared to others and the importance of the personal touch.

43:20 – Steve shares a new restaurant opening in Mesa — By the Bucket Restaurant, a restaurant that sells spaghetti and meatballs by the bucket.

45:00 – Show recap and closing – Drive Friendly Arizona!

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