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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Keepin' it Healthy with guest Dr. Judith Ziol, ND

Life is soooo much easier when you’re feeling you’re best. The same is true for your car, your home and pretty much everything.

This week we’re “Keepin’ it Healthy” with our guest Dr. Judy Ziol, ND of Journey Natural Medicine. She’s not about pressure, she’s about helping us help ourselves and on this show she shares a few simple things to get us on track and keep us there.

Steve talks about keeping your car healthy and of course Felecia brings it home (literally). But that’s not all. Pk. Ryan, Matt… Join us! Learn while you laugh.

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Episode Recap


  • Take a look under your car’s hood and get familiar with it.
  • Get good sleep, destress and eat right to stay healthy.
  • Clean up and declutter your home to get it ready for sale.
  • You can stay in your house together while preparing for a divorce.
  • Leverage the low-interest rates to lower your monthly costs.

Keeping Your Car Healthy and Running

Felecia donned a Lions jersey this week. What?! The whole crew was dressed in their favorite team jerseys. There are some sports going on. You can get your photo on a cardboard cutout. NASCAR has a race going on in Kansas City.

But this show is about staying healthy. How do you keep your car healthy? First, open the hood. Familiarize yourself with what it’s supposed to look like. Make sure to wipe it down, give it a good look. You’ll learn to notice when something looks wrong. You’ll catch things before they become an expensive repair.

Owners Manuals are now available as audible books. But you can also check Youtube to find where all the key areas are for your car, from the dipstick, to the spare tires. And not just the spare tire, you have to know where the jack is!

Change your oil to keep the engine healthy. Don’t do it yourself or to a quick lube place. Go to a certified repair shop. It’s not just about the professional oil change. It’s also about doing a good inspection of the engine, fluids, etc. But these drive-through places can also screw up a simple oil change. The oil is too important to take a chance on. It’s what’ll keep your engine running forever. These lube shops don’t even do a good lube job.

Don’t ignore your check engine light. You might think it’s just the gas cap. But, then you’ll miss new alerts, which could be catastrophic. Get that check engine light fixed.
Finally, keep the car clean. If your car is filled with garbage, you’ll be less likely to take it to the shop for maintenance. Plus, you can get rats! Keep your car clean, vacuum it out. That’ll save you money in the end.

Get Healthy with Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. Judy Ziol

We had Dr. Judy Ziol of Journey Natural Medicine to tell us how to stay healthy. Her practice is located right on the border of Chandler and Gilbert. She had on a Brewers shirt. Just like you familiarize yourself with your car, you should do the same with your body. When you notice a problem, don’t tell yourself it’ll just go away. What can you do?

Stay hydrated. If you’re working outside, doing vigorous work, or spending time getting in and out of the heat, you need to pay more attention to hydration. You get dehydrated before you know you dehydrated. If you feel thirsty, you’re already on your way to getting dehydrated. Athletes will start to hydrate days before an event or training. Start as soon as you wake up in the morning. Hydrate throughout the day, up until dinner time.
Bottled and filtered water also strips out needed minerals. Put a little squeeze of lemon juice or a tiny pinch of Himalayan pink salt — not enough to taste. That’s all you need. It’ll really help you rehydrate.

Also check in whenever your body’s check engine light comes on. Don’t wait until it becomes a major sickness.

Rest. You need good sleep. That is so important. But what do we do now that we’re so stressed out? How can we get sleep? Stay off of electronic devices before you go to sleep. Don’t do social media. Don’t open the tablet. Don’t even watch TV. The blue flickering light prevents production of melatonin, which aids sleep. Take some quiet time. Read a book. Decompress.

What about all those blue and red lights that are still on when we turn off the devices? When we sleep, the environment should be cool, dark and quiet. Any variation on those could disturb sleep. What about white noise while sleeping? It can be good for some people, if they’re being disturbed by other noises. Some apps have good sleep sounds and guided meditations for sleep. A good mask can block out the light.

Finally, nutrition. Many people are working from home. There’s a lot of excess snacking at home, though, and people are putting on a little weight. Sugar suppresses our immune system. Nutrition needs to support the immune system — vegetables, fruits, lean protein. Cut back the sugar and caffeine. Alcohol contains a lot of sugar, so cut that back. You really are what you eat, so eat good healthy food!

So, what does ‘naturopathic’ mean? What’s the difference between Dr. Judy and an MD? She is a naturopathic medical doctor. She’s trained in all diagnostics, exams, labs, etc. But she’s also trained better to help patients be healthy and have good functional health. She has IV injection therapy and everybody’s favorite — colon hydrotherapy! She does acupuncture, nutritional counseling, botanical medicine, and all kinds of detox techniques. The focus is to treat the root cause, not the symptoms.

Get Your House Healthy and Ready to Sell

In keeping with our staying healthy topic, what about your house? How do you keep your house healthy? Here are some things you can do on the inside of your house to get it ready to sell.

Declutter your life and home. It’s better for your own mental health as well as getting that house sold. Get rid of that junk. You likely have time these days, to just do it. Countertops are for working, not for storage! Clear them out.

Remove extra furniture. This goes right along with decluttering. Too many chairs around a dining table? Get rid of them. Put Grandma’s chair in storage.

Take care of leaks, change A/C filters, and other honey-dos that have been bothering you.
Check the electricity. Get an electrician to check the load on the service.
Get your roof inspected. That’ll save a ton of future money and repairs.

COVID Divorces on the Rise

Gilbert is experiencing an explosion of divorces. There’s two parts to that, according to PK Jordan — growing apart or growing together. A lot of together time might be good, but it might shine a light on existing problems. She recommends putting a pause on divorce talk. These times are different and are putting a strain on marriages.

Many troubled couples are staying in the home together because they can’t afford to separate. This can also push the relationship to the limits. People are also refinancing their homes and pulling money out of the 401ks, before even talking to a divorce mediator. Hold off on that stuff. Call PK for a consultation and put a plan together. If you refinance the house and then sell it, you’ll lose money.

If you have to stay in the house together, use a spare bedroom to separate. Create visitation rules to be with the kids. You need sanity, and we all want to keep it peaceful.

Keep Your Mortgage Rate Low and Healthy

The news from Ryan in the mortgage industry is still low rates — historic low. To keep your mortgage healthy, stay in touch with your mortgage professional (aka Ryan) to see if you can get a better rate. Maybe you have a second mortgage that might balloon soon. You can wrap those up together. You could save a lot of money on that. When we say mortgage professionals, we’re talking local mortgage agents, not a bank!

Wrap Up

Until next week, Drive Friendly and Stay Healthy Arizona!


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