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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Services and Support for Businesses, Families and Teens

If you look in the right direction, amazing things are happening. This week we’re joined by several organizations that have always made a difference, but are really stepping it up given the circumstances.

Our special guests include:

Sally Harrison and Bob Nelson from the Mesa Chamber of Commerce
Contact: 480-969-1307 |

Denise Hart from the Apache Junction Chamber of Commerce
Contact: 480-982-3141 |

Sherry Eklund from Teen Strong AZ
Contact: 480-396-2409 |

And, Ray Villa from the Community Alliance Against Family Abuse
Contact: 480-982-0205 |

Episode Recap


  • Small businesses, use your local Chamber to get help and give help
  • There are local heroes here to help teens and victims of abuse
  • The Drive Friendly team has lots of great news and are out there helping

The Mesa Chamber of Commerce Building a Supportive Community

Mesa Chamber. During COVID-19, the Chamber is the association for businesses in Mesa and it cares about the viability of those businesses. So, they make sure to tell the community, residents, and other businesses, how their member businesses have changed operations during this crisis.

Right now, Mesa is seeing businesses react to this as a challenge and adapt. Other businesses haven’t had the opportunity to do so and have closed their doors. Many businesses have chosen to support each other, which is warming. In total, the community has come together to figure out how to pull each other through this. Some businesses have pivoted to producing PPE.

The Chamber has some resources available, which is the strength of the Chamber. Whatever businesses need, they are encouraged to reach out to the Chamber to get connected to those resources. The Chamber is there and ready to help.

Three things the Mesa Chamber did to help:

The Chamber is tracking businesses going through the programs, to see how they’ll come through this. The Chamber is even helping non-member businesses, so reach out.

Bob’s shout-outs:

  • A&M Graphics: they offered help to members right out the gates, including signage for restaurants who were going take-out only, to let their customers know.
  • Nothing Bundt Cakes: Stepped up to let people know they’re not alone.

Visit AJ: Great Restaurants and More in Apache Junction

Denise of the Apache Junction (AJ) Chamber of Commerce joined in. The AJ Chamber has also been working hard to help businesses and residents throughout the crisis. They keep an eye on government resources and guidelines and get this out to members. When there was so much confusion, they made it easy and clear to understand with their daily newsletters.

They also share specials and community events, working to drive business to AJ businesses. They also reach out to local businesses just to see how they’re doing and get feedback. They also ran some surveys to gather info and provide data to the government.
Everybody’s excited for The Hitching Post to reopen, but there are so many great places, such as:

AJ is like a secret, special place. Go visit AJ! It’s a great, tight-knit community where people really help each other out. Not to mention how beautiful it is, with the Superstition Mountains. If you go, drop by the Chamber — they’re also the visitor center. So much to do there.

The future of AJ looks great. The new 2020 plan for the next 20 years is about to get voted on, and it’s very exciting. There’s already a plan for a Dutch Bros. to open up in May.

Local Heros Are Here to Help

Ray Villa of Community Alliance Against Family Abuse and Sherry, two local heroes to help people in need joined the show. Ray has been getting a lot of calls because of the crisis. The crisis is empowering abusers, unfortunately. That increases stress and results in more abuse. They offer a comprehensive list of services to help:

  • 24-hour safe house to help victims get away from abusers. It’s a coed facility and is open to families as well.
  • Counseling services, with empowerment (1-on-1) sessions and group sessions.
  • Advocates are available to provide resources.
  • Legal Advocates to get protective and custody orders.
  • Safety Planning to help people make it out of bad situations in a safe, healthy way.

Sherry Eklund of Teen Strong AZ helps teens, especially teen girls. Teens are struggling as bad as anybody else now, with social distancing. Teenage girls have it especially bad, because they’re wired to be social. Shelter in place is a real challenge for teens. They have plenty of resources on their website. The site is a great place for kids to connect and see that they aren’t alone in this. It helps with kids making a transition to a new school, classes, etc. The site is geared for teens and speaks to them in their language. The site also has a list of resources that are available for both teens and their parents. And frankly, parents can read the articles and get dialed into what might be going on with their kids.

Checking in with the Team: Ryan, Matt and Felecia

In the final segment, we were joined by the ever-single Ryan and the family man Matt. Mortgages rates are good and steady thanks to the Fed. There are still a lot of refinances going through. If you’re thinking of doing a refinance, give Ryan a call now.

Felecia is seeing the listings come in like normal. So far, the crisis has not hurt the housing market. Things are moving along. Inventory is staying steady, not increasing, not decreasing. It is veering towards a sellers market. If you’re ready to buy or sell, do it!
Matt got his oil changed at Friendly Auto center and was really impressed with the social distancing going on — and the toilet paper! He also shared that insurance rates are really good right now, due to the circumstances.

People want to shop where the people are good to each other. What a great example this team is setting, from Ryan and Matt to Steve & Felecia. This is the time we need to stick together and support each other. Shop local, people!

Ryan and his poker buddies have raised $5,000! Good for him.

Final shout-out goes to new graduates. The Rozansky’s son, Eric, graduates from ASU’s Barrett Honors College, with honors and distinction. So many graduates moving on to the next step in life. Way to go, kids!

Wrap Up

Until next week, Drive Friendly and Stay Healthy Arizona!


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