Things have Changed… Let’s Keep 2020 on Track


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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Things have Changed... Let’s Keep 2020 on Track

2020 has started a little rough… Illness, craziness, an election… How are you doing?

In this episode we’re joined by fan favorite Gabi Mazar of Pilates Tempe and Healthy Body Works. We talk about our year so far, and what we can do to keep what we had planned, in front of us.

Episode Recap


  • Get longer refills on prescriptions, keep your gas tank full, and stay healthy
  • Fend off the virus with good health. Eat well and exercise.
  • Support PK Jordan and HB 2646 by sending her a letter of support.

2020: Coronavirus, Elections, and a Crazy Stock Market

2020 is off to a rough start with the pandemic and elections, markets going crazy. So, we brought back Gabi Mazar to help us stay on track. We also had PK Jordan in the booth. The hot topic of the day is the coronavirus.

Ryan was able to grab some toilet paper at his local CVS. Why is everybody running to the big stores like Costco? It seems like groceries have everything but toilet paper. Steve pointed out that if you don’t have all that food, you won’t need all that toilet paper. Give Jay Monday a call and get a bidet installed. Gabi has one — no need for toilet paper!

All jokes aside, we are in a crisis. Some states are closing borders to other states. Here in Arizona, snowbirds have already started to head north, hoping to outrun the virus. What you need to do is prepare your home and your car, just in case you need to head out.
Consider stocking up on things. Look at longer prescription refills. The motor parts industry is having a major shortage. The shortage is bad enough that parts are not cross-referenced and don’t fit the cars. There’s already price gouging. Hand sanitizer, paper towels, vitamins, cold & flu medicine…all being auctioned on eBay for exorbitant amounts. Stock up on batteries.

Keep the Virus Away with Exercise and Healthy Eating

We’re not in a national emergency with the virus. So, how can we stay healthy? Gabi is taking some real precautions in her Pilates studio. She’s done that since day one, but she’s extra careful today to make sure all equipment is wiped down and disinfected. She uses a simple dilution of bleach. The fact is, a lot of diseases are caught in a gym. That’s why Gabi has such a stringent regimen for her and her clients to keep things safe.

If you can’t get to a gym, make sure you continue to exercise. It reduces stress, which helps recover faster and avoid sickness in the first place. Go get a Jane Fonda video, or borrow Steve’s! If you do have a gym membership, bring Lysol wipes with you. And keep washing your hands. It’s so elementary, but do it — before you eat, after you eat, when you get home, constantly. Steve’s crew is wiping down cars before they get into the car and again once they’re finished with it, before they hand it over.

Filters. Make sure you replace your A/C filters, at home and in your cars. Spray down those filters with Lysol to kill the germs.

Cash. Try to go plastic, so that you’re not exchanging cash with others. Time to launder your money!

What can people who self-quarantine do at home to stay healthy? Walking is one of the best things you can do. If you sit most of the day, get up and walk periodically. Get that blood flowing. Of course, there are burpees and mountain-climbers (Felecia’s favorites…not!). Also, eat healthy. Gabi has a cookbook on her site — The Dish. Cook healthy meals. Bottom line is this is not a time to give up and eat unhealthy foods and stay sedentary. Eat well and exercise.

Suicide Prevention for our Young People in Arizona

What should you do with your car during this tense time? Make sure you always have a full tank of gas. Gas prices are low and you never know when you might need to bug out. One reason to keep your gas tank full is to keep the tank cool, which keeps the fuel pump cool. If you don’t, it’ll get too hot. Keep it above a quarter tank. But today, keep your tank full. Also, make sure your wiper blades are good. We’ve been getting more rain. Make sure your tires are ready for the heat. Look at the treads, especially for balding on the inside. Check your spare tire. Is it ready to go? Can you get to it? Get rid of the junk in the trunk. It’s robbing you of 2-3 miles per gallon. Replace your cabin filter. That can be done yourself. It’ll keep germs out. Check belts, hoses and the a/c.

Felecia changed directions and talked with PK Jordan, founder of the Laloboy Foundation. PK is doing some legal work with the Arizona Legislature and Governor. An internet predator gave her son the how-tos of suicide, rather than help prevent it. She lost her son to suicide. So, she’s working on House Bill 2646 with Jeff Weninger on that. She needs letters of support to take to the legislature (email her at This amends the laws to make it a crime to aid a minor in a suicide, making it manslaughter. This is a fight for all kids.

The Laloboy Foundation is raising funds to provide counseling for underprivileged families.

The Markets are Volatile but Staying Strong in Arizona

With all the entertainment shutting down, it’s time to look at your personal finances. Interest rates shot up to just over 4% in a matter of days. People have started to hold off on those refinances. Contact Ryan to discuss your situation. Investors saw all the refinances and raised their rates. Rates just kept jumping. But remember, 4% is still really low! If you’re already under contract, you’re good.

The Phoenix housing market is still running red hot. Will it cool down a bit? Probably. But right now, the only thing that is affected is refinances. But some people are pulling out of the market due to the uncertainty.

Delinquencies and foreclosures are at an all-time low. The last crash was exacerbated due to bad loans. The market is healthier these days, and Phoenix is 180-degrees from where we were then. Because of the hot housing market in Phoenix, the area is likely to rebound strong when this is over.

We’re all going to lose some money. We’re going to suffer. The key is how we respond. Be cautious and prudent, wash your hands, and keep your fuel tank full.

Wrap Up

Until next week, Drive Friendly Arizona!


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