Re-tire, Relationships and un-Reliable house Zestimates


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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Re-tire, Relationships and un-Reliable house Zestimates

How often do you think about your tires? Yes, those four things your car (and you/your family) rely on to get from point A to point B safely. Don’t take them for granted and be informed before being new ones. Steve shares his insights. Also in today’s show, Zestimates. People have been complaining about them for years, but Zillow… Zillow was all it. They based their entire iBuyer system on Zestimates. The result? Felecia shares what she knows (and what she’s passionate about). Join us.

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0:00 – The Jets lost again, but Felecia’s sympathy is for Bears fans — their team is looking more and more like the Jets.

3:40 – Steve talks about his favorite bakery. He got to visit on his recent trip to New York, and Felecia shares her disappointment with the lack of bakeries in Arizona.

5:53 – Tires are the topic of the day. And, Steve shares his coaching tips for starting and managing your own local business.

7:40 – Steve gives another shout out to By the Bucket, and the smart strategy the owner is using by sourcing all of his needs – exterminators, printers, etc. – from the local Chamber of Commerce.

9:45 – Felecia says “I told you so” to all who worried about their “Zestimates” on Zillow. Their iBuyer business has gone under because the Zestimates were so off-base that they couldn’t sell their homes at the prices that their own system anticipated.

12:52 – Steve and Felecia have the Canadian flag as their background because their Canadian customers are back! With the border opening, they’ve been helping everyone who came to Arizona from Canada.

13:55 – What is so hard about buying tires? First, where do you buy them? Steve likes Discount Tire. Places like Costco are always going to try and sell the most expensive tire – not always best for how you drive or the extreme heat here in AZ.

23:00 – A key question Steve asks anyone wanting to buy tires — is your car staying in Arizona or going back and forth to a colder place? This impacts the number of miles going on your tires and the weather conditions they’ll experience.

25:55 – Look at the dates on the tires before you buy. They may be “new,” but that doesn’t mean they were made recently. To find it, look at the last four digits of the serial number.

29:15 – If you have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), it’ll give you enough time to pull over somewhere safe and put on a spare before you have bigger problems.

31:34 – Steve talks networking. Lots of people come and go from Arizona, and organized networking groups help you find the right people fast. These networking groups help create symbiotic relationships where you can refer customers to others and they can refer customers to you. This is especially useful when you work in adjacent businesses — like Steve’s auto shop works closely with body shops, local insurers and more.

37:30 – Steve recommends that if you go to a networking event with a friend, be wary of appearing standoffish and not meeting new people. If you do, try and act as a wingman or wingwoman to help make introductions.

41:20 The fortune is in the follow-up. After meeting someone, make sure you set up a time to meet them again 1:1 for coffee or a Zoom call.

45:56 – Steve and Felecia will see you next week!

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