Vino and Volunteering. All for a Good Cause with guests Colleen Kaspar and Billy Abril


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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Vino and Volunteering. All for a Good Cause with guests Colleen Kaspar and Billy Abril

We welcomed Colleen Kaspar of Down Time Wines and Billy Abril of Phoenix Rising for Haiti to talk about vino and volunteering – being human.

Episode Recap

Mobile Auto Mechanics: Legitimate?

We’ve gotten some questions from listeners about Mobile Mechanics? These guys do have their place. They’re great for an on-site oil change. But what about for something like a brake job? Beware of low prices. First of all, the prices they quote are often impossibly low — too good to be true — because of the parts, time and travel. Second, a low price like that is often from a “guy at work” who does work on the side — not licensed, not bonded, not going to find him when something goes wrong. Legitimate mobile guys will be licensed, bonded, and insured.

Not long ago, a guy came to Friendly Auto looking for a mechanic named Chris, a guy who did oil changes a while back for Friendly — not real mechanic’s work. Chris told this guy he worked for Friendly, did some work on this guy’s car, and now this customer needs service on that work. Chris is nowhere to be found. Chris misrepresented himself. The customer was less than happy. Don’t end up like that customer.

Think about it. You hire a “side work” guy and need work six months later. How do you find them? There’s no brick-and-mortar location to find them. Cars are complicated. Go with a licensed, bonded, insured shop or mobile outfit. Also, ask for qualifications. Don’t go for price. That’s how people get burned.

Another story from Steve: Guy comes into Friendly, says his car is running poorly. Says it’s not the fuel pump, because he just had it replaced. Friendly always does full diagnostics. They scoped it out, found the problem…the fuel pump. The guy argued, “I just had it done, it can’t be the fuel pump!” But it’s the fuel pump. They dropped the tank down and found a junk-yard part, not a new part. He was scammed. That’s how it was so cheap. He was charged $300. The pump is $400, not including labor! But, who’s that guy going to for service, now?

Down Time Wines: Local Chandler Winery

Colleen told us all about Down Time Wines. This started as a hobby years ago with her husband, Basil. It grew into a full-fledged winery in just three years. They do it all — fermenting, barrelling, bottling, everything! They make over 30 varieties of wine! If somebody walks in the door saying they don’t like wine, they’ll find something for them. The wines are low in sulfites. That means no headaches! (That’s not a guarantee, though). People come back and say “ho headaches!” and “no heartburn!” after drinking their wine.

Some of the more popular wines include Peach Chardonnay, which is a sweet wine. They also have some fine, dry wines (dry = not sweet). You can mix a sweet wine with Squirt soda, which is like a spritzer. A top seller in the reds is the trio blend, which is zinfandel, cabernet sauvignon, Syrah. Together, it’s a real smooth wine, not too dry, not too sweet. Their wines are all very smooth because of the fermenting process. The trio is great with red meat. A Tuscan is also great with red meat.

In seasonals, they do an annual Christmas wine, like Berry Christmas. This year, it’s Fireside that has hints of cinnamon, cranberry, maple and vanilla. Wow! It’s a vino Christmas by the fireplace. It’s not bad heated, too!

They do tastings. Just drop in and get a taste. They also do big groups by appointment, so that they can be prepared. Wednesday nights, they have a $10 tasting. That always includes some great food bites as well.

They do custom labels on the bottles, which are great for businesses and for Christmas presents. They ship to 41 states!

They host a monthly comedy night. It usually sells out and is by reservation only. They have some of the best comedians around! So much fun. Call today to RSVP for their next show in January!

They have a point system to help you get free or discounted wines. If you buy five bottles, you get the 6th for a dollar. And they always have fun events going on.

What Kills Car Batteries, Winter or Summer?

Radio listeners heard a commercial for car batteries. So, they talked batteries. Summertime is what kills batteries. People think it’s winter that does it, but it’s the summer heat. You notice it in winter because the car is so cold and seized-up that the battery has to work harder, it tougher to turn over the engine, the oil, plates and fluids are cold, tight, and thick. More energy is needed then. But it’s that summer heat that’s degrading the battery’s strength. Here in Arizona, you’ll get 2-3 years out of a batter. At Friendly, they have a 5-year warranty. Free replacement. No install charge.

Phoenix Rising for Haiti

Phoenix Rising for Haiti and Billy Abril. They are a non-profit medical organization that started before the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. He visited Haiti, came back to Phoenix and wanted to do more. That’s how it got started. They went in after the 2010 earthquake, and it was horrible.

Billy’s from Phoenix and was invited to help in Haiti by his doctor. He went and fell in love with the people and the country. They are incredible people, and they deserve help.

Phoenix Rising for Haiti helps with prosthetics, orthotics, special needs kids, family care units, physical therapy. Every trip they take there, they find new needs and take care of them. They just got a land donation in order to build a hospital. They’ll open a huge facility and will look to do schools as well.

Unfortunately, they had to cancel the last two trips because of the current political landscape. People are dying because of that. They die of starvation, which shouldn’t happen anywhere! A lot of political corruption in their country is causing problems as well.

You can donate on their website as well as drop items off at Down Time Wines, VIP Mortgage and Drive Friendly. In fact, click the donate button right on Drive Friendly’s website. They’ll take medical supplies, prosthetics, old medical technology, clothes, non-perishable food, shoes for kids, sneakers, sandals, hats, eye glasses, baby clothes, crutches & braces, anything. Even “warn” clothes. Bring it in!

Check their website for ways to help.

98% of donations go to treatment. Volunteers are not paid, and there’s not overhead.

Billy comes from South Phoenix, and Haiti reminds him of that area because everybody looks out for and care for one another. Great spirit.

Felecia has a giant heart, which brought Billy into the studio.

Holiday Gift Ideas

What do you buy for people? Friendly is giving away three free AAA Memberships. Just call the 800 number. First three get it. AAA cards will get you discounts at hotels, shops, restaurants. Get a Friendly Auto gift card! Nothing says, Happy Holidays, like an oil change.

Mortgage News with Ryan Steckelberg

Ryan is helping people with refinances. You might be able to lower your monthly payment or take cash out at a low rate. The time is now, so talk to Ryan on that. He also worked with a client who was looking to buy a new home, and the builder offered some good incentives. He was able to beat the new-build lender! People never think to get a loan on a new home. You can still get money from a mortgage lender like VIP Mortgage and get a better rate. Call Ryan. He’ll answer the phone!

Wrap Up

Until next week, Drive Friendly Arizona!


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