We’re Mad as… and we’re not gonna take it anymore!


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Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
Drive Friendly with Steve & Felecia
We're Mad as... and we're not gonna take it anymore!

We’ve got a few things to get off our chests… You might have a few of these on your list. Maybe you’ve got a few things to add. Join us. Let’s rant!

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2:12 – HOAs (Home Owner Association)… Sometimes they just suck. They and the crazy people that serve on them can really suck. The Gang shares our stories PLUS Felecia shares stories from our friends on Facebook. Do you have a story to share?

Steve starts with a little battle over trying to make his community look at little better by replacing dead plants… That didn’t go over well.

6:02 – Felecia gives a little backstory on HOAs in the state of Arizona including the incredible power they have.

9:00 – Felecia shares more horror stories from our Facebook friends. Service trucks, open gates in a gated community and more.

11:35 – A listener got dinged for painting her door black instead of the pre approved dark brown. Their reason? “It was the model home, and it doesn’t look the same anymore…” Duh, it’s her home now!

12:20 – A new home buyer got a complaint letter about their trees before they even moved in!!!

13:38 – “What am I paying you for?” We all do something for a living. In many cases it’s a passion – something we’re really good at. And, it sucks when people do whatever they can to try and do it themselves (oftentimes complaining when it doesn’t go well).

14:38 – Kristin shares a few challenges she faced when trying to save client’s money by bundling their travel in a way that only she can… BTW – travel agents don’t charge the customer (at least the good ones).

17:12 – Steve shares a customer story. He made the diagnosis (related to brakes, not that important right). They passed on having him do the repair – opted to go DIY using a junkyard part. It’s not surprising that things didn’t work out.

19:20 – Kristin brings it back to the topic of people not minding their own business about the choices we make. Specifically what we do with our front porch. If you haven’t heard of Frank the Christmas Gargoyle, listen and then check it out. You’ll love it.

23:40 – Steve got a complaint letter and a fine for taking a 5 minute break while cleaning his front yard… That’s not getting paid.

27:30 – Richard turns our rant into a conversation about how to make things better. Be informed. Get involved!

29:35 – Felecia shares a nightmare story about buying a home from Zillow. The lesson… If you want to sell to Zillow that’s your business, but if you’re buying from them you’d better CYA by getting your own Realtor.

34:30 – Kristin takes us back to Frank the Gargoyle to share all of the good he and his owner have accomplished with all of the exposure… Outstanding!

35:34 – Steve and Felecia talk about AirBNB and VRBO. Two homes, two very similar descriptions, two completely different experiences. Didn’t you read the reviews? Yes – Felecia talks about the problem with reviews.

43:15 – Steve talks about vendors increasing prices for all the wrong reasons. The cost of gas? Yes, it went up for us too. Some changes are legit, but a lot of companies are just taking advantage…

45:30 – A quick chat about how we’re all paying more for less…

46:10 – Show recap and closing – Drive Friendly Arizona!

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