Obeying The Speed Limit (Slow Kills As Much As Fast Does)

Have you ever wondered why we have speed limits? If you have, you aren’t alone. Speed limits can seem random and arbitrary to many, especially to new drivers.

It’s important to know just exactly why we have them. This week, we will cover why we have speed limits, the benefits of speed limits, what can happen if you don’t follow the speed limits, and the dangers of driving too slow.

Why Do We Have Speed Limits?

Primarily, speed limits work to control traffic and keep people safe. They make sure that everyone is driving at about the same speed, which is good for traffic control. Speed limits are also useful for enforcing the law and punishing those who drive recklessly. This increases safety for drivers and passengers alike. After all, not every road can be the autobahn.

Furthermore, speed limits can help drivers gauge just how fast they should be going through certain terrain. In some parts of the country, the speed limit is as high as 85mph, but this only happens in areas where the road is well maintained, flat, and straight. A road that is curvier might have a lower speed limit in order to influence drivers to maintain a safe speed that appropriately reflects the conditions of the road.

Benefits of Speed Limits

In the previous section, we explored just a few reasons for speed limits. Here are some of the benefits to speed limits:

What Could Possibly Happen if I Were Not to Follow the Speed Limit?

A lot of things can happen if you choose not to follow the speed limit. At the very least, a police officer may pull you over for not obeying the speed limit – for either going too fast or too slow. This could result in a ticket that stays on your driving record, a large fine (an average of $150), and an increase in the cost of your insurance. At the very worst, not following the speed limit could result in traumatic injury and/or death to either yourself or other drivers on the roadway.

The Dangers of Driving Too Slow

When we think about someone not following the speed limit, we tend to think of someone driving over the speed limit. However, driving too slowly can be very dangerous as well. Driving too slow in normal conditions interrupts the flow of traffic, causing other drivers to unexpectedly change their normalized speed. These sudden adjustments can cause drivers to make accidents they normally wouldn’t have made. Furthermore, driving slowly can cause road rage in other drivers, which can quickly become dangerous.

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